Where to Find Apps, Music, And More


There're various wonderful apps, music, videos and more content you can enjoy from your iPhone, iPad. But do you know how to find more? This tip will give you quick help.


May 27, 2014


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PhoneClean – Speed up iPhone Dramatically

PhoneClean – Speed up iPhone Dramatically

Download and install PhoneClean on your computer before start reading this tip on how to find more apps, music and more to enjoy on your iPhone, iPad.

Are you shopping for the apps, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, eBooks, ringtones, or other content from your primary computer, on the purpose of transferring what you acquire to your iPhone, iPad later via the iTunes Sync or iCloud? Just use the latest version of the iTunes software on your PC or Mac computer.

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However, using a handful of different apps, you can easily acquire and enjoy different types of content from your iPhone or iPad. As is shown in the following table, you will know which app you should use to acquire and then enjoy various types of content on your Apple devices.

How to Acquire and Enjoy Rich and Varied Content on Your iPhone, iPad

Content Type Buy with App Run with App
Apps App Store The App itself that you
download and install
Digital editions of publications
(including newspapers and magazines)
Newsstand The digital publication's proprietary app
Music iTunes Store Music
Movie iTunes Store Videos
TV Shows iTunes Store Videos
Podcasts Podcasts Podcasts
Audiobook iTunes (or the optional Audible app) Music (or the optional Audible app)
eBooks iBooks (to access iBookstore) iBooks
PDF files Mail, iCloud, iTunes Sync iBooks or another PDF reader app
iTunes U Personal Enrichment Content iTunes U iTunes U
Ringtones (and Alert Tones) iTunes Store Phone, FaceTime, Messages
(or other apps that generate
audible alarms or ringtones)

Bottom Line:

In fact, other than the content mentioned above, there're a lot more you can enjoy, making your Apple life more exciting. After you download and install a variety of apps on your iPhone, iPad, an important problem you can't ignore is that you may get your device messed up if you don't manage your apps very well. Are you eager for a useful tool to help you organize apps on your iDevice better and easier? Lucky you, PhoneClean could lend you a helping hand, to put your apps in order on your device. For instance, via cleaning up the interrupted apps on iPhone, iPad, PhoneClean, you can free up more extra storage on your device. Want to know what else PhoneClean could do for you? Just give it a try!

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