Best Free Weather Apps for Android

If you like keeping track of the weather information, you might like the following list of some best free weather apps for Android devices. These apps provide accurate information and come with some really great user-interfaces. Read on to learn more.

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Android has millions of apps available for it and there are dozens of categories to choose from. Whether you are looking to send someone an instant message or you want to find out weather information about a particular place, you are covered with numerous apps available on the Play Store. There are some great free weather apps for Android as well and that is what we are going to be talking about in this post.

If you have been keeping a tab on the latest Android apps news, you might have heard that Apple has acquired the Dark Sky app. If you do not already know, Dark Sky was an excellent weather app available for Android devices. It was one of the most used weather apps out there and people just loved it. Since the acquisition, Apple has announced they will not be keeping the Android version and you will no longer be able to download it on your phones.

You don’t need to worry, though, as there are some great other weather apps available for your phones and tablets.

Best Apps to Get Weather Information on Android

We list out some of the best free weather apps for your Android devices below, and we think you should be getting these on your phones or tablets to get real-time accurate weather information.

App 1. Today Weather

One of the strong points of Today Weather is that it fetches the latest and accurate weather information from over ten weather sources. It ensures the information you see on your screen is always accurate and something that you can trust and rely on. It is an easy-to-use app that you can quickly navigate the tabs off and find out the weather information for whatever place you want.

It provides sunrise and sunset times as well if you are looking to experience these moments and you do not want to miss out on them. It gives you air pollution index, UV index, and pollen count as well so you know how safe the place you are going to is healthwise.


  • Beautiful user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple data sources


  • Sometimes the widget does not update
  • The widget does not load
Today Weather - get weather data from multiple sources

Today Weather – get weather data from multiple sources

App 2. 1Weather

Your outing plans become easier with the 1Weather app as it tells you accurately what the weather is going to be like whatever place you have decided to go. You get to know if it will rain there, or if you will see some sunshine, all from within this app on your Android phone or tablet.

Due to all the features the app provides, it has actually won many awards and many authority sites have included it in their best apps listicles. The app provides you with over 12 weeks of the weather forecast which is more than enough in most cases to plan whether you should go out or not.

It comes with a home-screen widget to help you directly view the weather information on your phone’s main screen.


  • Lots of weather details to see
  • Customizable widgets
  • Track moon cycles


  • Most data is only for US cities
  • Annoying ads
1Weather - an award winning weather app

1Weather – an award winning weather app

App 3. Hello Weather

If you search the Play Store for weather apps, you are going to come across a number of apps offering you weather details. However, the issue is that most of these apps give you much more information and tools that you would not normally require. Hello Weather solves that very problem for you and provides you with the information that really matters to you.

It avoids all the gimmicks and extra information that is available there but a general user may not want to see. It then lets you view the weather information that you actually care about, and so you can make decisions about going out just by looking at this information.

With all the useless information out of the way, it becomes easier to digest what is on your screen and then act accordingly.


  • No junk information
  • Clean user interface
  • Accurate weather information


  • The speed of the app could be improved
Hello Weather - only useful information and nothing else

Hello Weather – only useful information and nothing else

App 4. Yahoo Weather

If you have several cities that you want to keep track of the weather information about, then Yahoo Weather could be a great app for you. With its ability to track up to 20 cities at a time, you can add almost all of your favorite cities in the app and then quickly find out the weather information about them.

The app integrates with Flickr meaning you can get appropriate backgrounds for the app right from this Yahoo-owned image sharing website. It gives you basic weather information, shows animations of sunset and sunrise, helps interact with maps, and comes with accessibility support.

More information about the weather can be viewed by simply swiping down if you are looking for it.


  • Appealing user interface
  • Track multiple cities
  • Easy to switch between locations


  • Limited information
  • Occasional complains of inaccurate information
Yahoo Weather - combination of Flickr images and weather information

Yahoo Weather – combination of Flickr images and weather information

App 5. Shadow Weather

Shadow Weather is a smart weather app that sends you alerts and notifications automatically when it detects unusual weather. It is something that you may need to create manual notifications for in other apps but this one has covered you for it automatically.

It integrates with your phone’s calendar and tells you what the weather would be like for your events. This way by just looking at the events in your calendar, you can see if an event is going to see rain or sunshine.

It has a minute by minute rain and lightning tracker so you are always up to date of when it is going to rain and if you should be carrying an umbrella.


  • Integration with the phone calendar
  • Realtime rain tracker
  • Smart notifications


  • Radar is only available for premium users
  • Intrusive ads
Shadow Weather - an intelligent weather app

Shadow Weather – an intelligent weather app

The Bottom Line

If you have been looking for the best weather app for your Android device, we hope our guide has helped you narrow down your choices. It is really difficult to choose one app from a pool of thousands of weather apps, and that is where our curated weather apps list helps you out.

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