Top 3 Ways to Backup Samsung Phone to PC

In this post, we will talk about how to back up Samsung phone to pc via Samsung Smart Switch and introduce 2 alternative backup methods. Let’s take a look at how to back up & restore your Samsung Galaxy phone with a few clicks.

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Do you need to back up Samsung phone to PC or Mac, such as contacts, photos, files, music, or other vital documents? Here, we are going to show you to backup Samsung Galaxy devices to PC. Normally, you can use the Smart Switch Samsung software to back up your data from an old smartphone to a new Galaxy smartphone. All you need to do is simply backing up all the content and then restore it on the new Samsung android.

Here is a short tutorial on how to back up data on your Samsung Android to your PC or Mac computer. If you would like to learn about various different alternatives to back up your Samsung Galaxy device, check out our article with detailed step-by-step instructions. At the end of this post, we also introduce how to restore data on a Galaxy device.

How to Backup Samsung Phone to PC via Samsung Smart Switch

Smart Switch permits you to easily back up or transfer your images, files, music, or other types of vital documents. You can even create a backup for your old Samsung phone’s files on your PC or Mac and then transfer or restore it onto your new Samsung phone.

Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch

1. Download Samsung Smart Switch

Prior to start to gather all your data, firstly you have to make sure your PC meets the requirements to use Smart Switch. If your PC or Mac supports Smart Switch, you should visit the Smart Switch page, and select Requirements under Overview to check whether your Samsung device supports using Smart Switch. If you meet the requirements, download the latest version of the Samsung Smart Switch.

2. Create a Backup of Your Samsung Device

After installing Smart Switch, you’ll need to back up Samsung phone or transfer files from Samsung to PC or Mac computer.

  1. Connect your phone to your computer using Wi-Fi or a USB cable, and then select “Allow” on your Samsung phone.
  2. Navigate to and open Smart Switch on your computer, and then click “Backup”.
  3. Your pc will automatically start backing up your Samsung phone’s data, which may take few minutes. When it’s done, your display will appear informing you it’s complete. Then click “OK”.
Use Samsung Smart Switch to backup Samsung Phone to PC

Use Samsung Smart Switch to Backup Samsung Phone to PC

3. Default Save Location

When you back up your old phone’s data on a PC or Mac, the files are automatically stored in a default location (unless you’ve chosen a different location). Here are the default locations, so you can understand where the backup is stored:

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows
  • Vista: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Samsung\Smart Switch PC
  • Windows 10: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Samsung\SmartSwitch
  • Mac OS X: /Users/[username]/Documents/Samsung/SmartSwitch/backup

4. Transfer Samsung Backup Data from Samsung Phone to PC

Prior to start transferring your data, make sure the data types are supported by Smart Switch on PC or Mac.

Transferring the backup files on your computer onto your new phone, you can enjoy all your videos and images. But firstly, turn off or temporarily disable your anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security tools on your PC or Mac so that all your files can able to transfer.

  1. Open Smart Switch on your computer. When prompted, connect your new Samsung phone to the pc using the USB cable.
  2. When it’s connected, the Smart Switch screen will appear on the screen.
  3. On your computer, click Restore and, if desired, click Select your backup data to choose specific data to restore.
  4. When you’re ready, click “Restore now”. Once the restoration is complete, then click OK.

You may need to allow permissions on your Samsung Phone to complete the backup.

Here’s another way to get content from your computer onto a new Samsung phone – you can sync data on your phone with your pc. Syncing ensures you have the same data on your PC or Mac and your phone.

  • On a PC, click “Outlook Sync” on the Smart Switch display. If you are not already logged into your account, sign in with your Microsoft Outlook credentials. Next, click Sync Preferences for Outlook, select what you want to sync, and then click OK. Click Sync Now, and after that click Confirm when finished.
  • On a Mac, click “Sync” on the Smart Switch screen. Choose specific content to sync from your computer, and then click Sync Now. When syncing is complete, click “Confirm”.
On a Mac, Click Sync on the Smart Switch Screen

On a Mac, Click Sync on the Smart Switch Screen

How to Backup Samsung Phone to PC with Simple Clicks

Although many Samsung users would like to install Samsung Smart Switch to back up or transfer content, they find it complex to complete the whole backup process. Also, quite a few users have reported that their Samsung Smart Switch fails to work sometimes.

As a matter of fact, besides Samsung Smart Switch, you can use other Samsung backup software to get your device backed up. You can also choose PhoneTrans to back up Samsung phone to pc. Allowing you to decide what contents to back up, PhoneTrans makes it easier and more flexible to back up from your Samsung phone to your pc. When it comes to its Back-Up feature, PhoneTrans has the following outstanding feature:

  • Back up more content than iTunes and other backup tools do.
  • Support to view and choose types of data to back up.
  • Keep your backups 100% safe & secure.

Freely download the latest version of PhoneTrans on your computer, follow the steps and back up your Samsung phone in your own way.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Launch PhoneTrans on your computer > Select Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup > Click Start Backup.

Choose Phone Backup and Selective Backup on PhoneTrans

Choose Phone Backup and Selective Backup on PhoneTrans

Step 2. Connect your Samsung device to the computer > Tap Back Up button.

Connect Your Samsung to Computer

Connect Your Samsung to Computer

Step 3. View and click the types of data you seek to back from your Samsung to pc > Click on Back Up Now.

Backup Samsung Phone with PhoneTrans

Backup Samsung Phone with PhoneTrans

How to Backup Samsung Phone to PC via Samsung Kies

Every Samsung device user is familiar with this name. Kies refers to “Key Intuitive Easy System” and is usually used to backup data Samsung phone to PC. Install Kies on your device and follow these easy steps

  1. Connect your device to your device with a USB cable.
  2. Select “Backup and  Restore” on your Kies screen.
  3. Choose “Data backup” and select the category of content you want to backup.
  4. Select the data that you want to transfer and click the “Backup” option.
  5. After completing the backup process, you will get a prompt. Click the “Complete” button then to exit successfully.

This can also connect to Kies wireless by selecting the “Wireless Connection” option on its home screen. Kies would also be used to upgrade your device’s firmware and perform other important tasks. However, it can be a little complex at times and you might get a good experience using other interfaces.

Bonus Tip. How to Restore Data to Samsung Galaxy Device

With PhoneTrans, you can also restore data on a Galaxy device. If you use Samsung phone, you can easily restore the Samsung backup. It would be much easier if you have backed up Samsung via PhoneTrans. Simply clicking “Phone Restore” and “PhongTrans Backup”, you can selectively restore data on a Galaxy device according to your demands.

Restore from iCloud to Android

Restore from iCloud to Android

The Bottom Line

If you getting a new phone are having to manually transfer all your credentials. So, worry not, Smart Switch allows you to easily transfer images, files, music, or other vital documents and other types of files. But make sure To use Smart Switch, your phone must run Android 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1 or later version. You can also create a backup for your old Samsung phone’s files with PhoneTrans. Free download PhoneTrans to your computer and give it a try.

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