How to Screen Mirroring Android to PC/Mac

Screen mirroring on your Android phone allows you to stream the contents of your phone screen to your Windows PC or Mac machine. This guide walks you through the steps to set this up on both your phone and your computer.

Roger Smith Last Updated: Mar. 17, 2020

Screen mirroring is one of the best things to ever happen to presenters. It allows you to view the contents on a larger screen. This way, if you are having trouble viewing any objects on the small screen of your phone, you can mirror your phone to your computer and view your content on a really large screen.

Most Android phones come with the ability to help you mirror your device to a compatible computer. There are now a number of third-party apps to help you do the task on your various operating systems.

In this guide, we take a look at how you can do screen mirroring from your Android to PC and Mac machines.

Screen Mirroring Android to PC

Since the majority of you use a Windows PC, let us first check out how to do screen mirroring from an Android phone to a Windows-based computer.

When it comes to adding new features, there is no shortage of apps for Windows machines. Whatever it is you can imagine, you have an app to do it on your computer. This applies to screen mirroring as well.

There is a nice set of apps available for your Windows PC to let you mirror your Android phone to your computer. In this guide, we use one of these apps to accomplish the task.

Step 1. Head to Menu > Settings > Developer options and enable the USB debugging option on your device.

Step 2. Download and install the AirDroid app on both Windows PC and Android device.

Step 3. Launch the app on both your devices. On your PC, click on the binocular icon and select Non-Root at the top.

Mirroring Android to PC using AirDroid

Mirroring Android to PC using AirDroid

Step 4. Tap on Start Now on your phone to start mirroring the screen to your computer.

You should be able to view the screen of your Android device on your Windows-based computer.

As you can see, apps like AirDroid make it extremely easy for you to mirror your Android’s screen to your Windows PC. The great thing about this app is that you do not even need to install the desktop client if you want. The app can be run off a web browser such as Google Chrome and you can view your phone’s screen in your browser.

Screen Mirroring Android to Mac

If you want to mirror your Android to a Mac, you also have multiple methods available to do the task. While you can use AirDroid on your Mac as well, let us explore something new today.

Enter ApowerMirror, an app that allows you to easily mirror the screen of both your iOS and Android phones to your Mac machine. The app provides screen recording and screenshot features as well should you want to use them during your mirror sessions.

It is pretty easy to use the app to mirror an Android to a Mac and the following shows how you go about doing it on your machine.

Step 1. Turn on USB debugging from Menu > Settings > Developer options on your Android device.

Step 2. Download and install ApowerMirror on both your Mac and your Android phone.

Step 3. Launch the app on both of your devices. On your Android phone, tap on the button that says Start Now to start mirroring your device to your Mac.

Mirroring Android to Mac using ApowerMirror

Mirroring Android to Mac using ApowerMirror

You will see your Android phone’s screen is mirrored to your Mac in real-time. If you want to stop the feature at any point in time, simply close the app on both your Mac and your Android phone. It will reset the connection.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of uses of screen mirroring and it is a really good idea to learn how you can use it from your Android phone to your Windows PC or Mac machine. Our guide above explains the procedure for both platforms so you can get started with it without wasting any time.

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