How to AirPlay from iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8

If you wish to use the AirPlay feature on your iPhone but you do not know how, the following post will teach you how to AirPlay from your iPhone. It explains how you can enable the feature and make it work with your Apple TV. Read on to learn more.

Roger Smith Last Updated: Mar. 17, 2020


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AirPlay from iPhone

AirPlay from iPhone

The AirPlay feature on the iPhone has gained good popularity recently thanks to the amazing things it does with minimal effort. The feature lets you quickly mirror the contents of your iPhone screen to your Apple TV or any other device that can receive AirPlay content. Most of the time, though, it is only used with Apple TV as the TV has built-in support for it.

If you own one of the latest iPhone models including iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8, you may want to learn how you can utilize this feature on your device. Although the feature is pretty easy to use, there is no harm in learning the proper way to use it on your devices. The following guide sheds light on this feature you get with your iOS device and tells you how to use it.

How to Turn On/Off AirPlay on iPhone

The first step towards using the feature on your latest iPhone is to turn on AirPlay on your iPhone model. Like any other feature, it first needs to be turned on and then you can use it however you want. The steps below will work regardless of what iPhone model you have with yourself.

Step 1. The AirPlay feature is actually located in the Control Center on your iPhone. You can open it by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen.

Step 2. When the Control Center is revealed, you are going to need to find the option that says AirPlay. When you find it, tap on it to enable it.

How to Turn On AirPlay

How to Turn On AirPlay

There you go. AirPlay has been successfully enabled on your iOS-based device. You will now see a list of devices you can connect to on your screen.

When you have finished using AirPlay on your iPhone, you may want to turn it off. Well, turning off is as easy as turning it on. Simply open the Control Center and tap on the AirPlay option again. This time your iPhone will turn the feature off instead of turning it on (as it is already turned on).

How to AirPlay iPhone to Apple TV

The above section teaches you how you can turn AirPlay on your iPhone. But what about using it? How do you go about using the feature to mirror your iPhone contents to your Apple TV? We have you covered in this section of the guide.

Using AirPlay on an iPhone is as easy as turning it on your device. You simply need to select the device you want to connect to and the connection is established. If you are completely new to the thing, the following steps will teach you how to use AirPlay on your iPhone with an Apple TV.

Step 1. The first requirement of the feature is both your devices should be connected to the same WiFi network. Connect your iPhone and your Apple TV to the same network.

Step 2. Reveal the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping upwards from the bottom of your screen. When the menu appears, tap on the option that says AirPlay.

Step 3. Once you tap on the option, you will be presented with a list of devices you can connect to. These are all AirPlay enabled devices available on your network. Tap on your Apple TV in the list to make the connection.

How to AirPlay iPhone to Apple TV

How to AirPlay iPhone to Apple TV

Once the connection is established, you will see your iPhone’s screen on your Apple TV screen. If this happens, it means everything went well.

What to Do if AirPlay Not Working on iPhone

AirPlay is not without any problems or issues. There are a few issues that almost every AirPlay user faces but knowing how to tackle these will help you out. When you find AirPlay is not working on your iPhone, you are suggested to try the following fixes.

Fix 1. Reboot Your Phone and TV

Rebooting both your Apple TV and your iPhone will fix all the temporary issues you may be facing on your devices. Do this first and see if it helps resolve your issues.

Fix 2. Restart the Router

Router is the second thing that helps make the connection. Restart it as well so that it gets a chance to fix any minor issues.

Fix 3. Use a Single Device

Ensure there are no other iPhones or iPads trying to connect to your Apple TV at the same time as you connect. If this happens, your TV will deny the connection and you will not be able to mirror your screen.

Bonus Tip: An Alternative of AirPlay to Mirror Screen

If AirPlay becomes too much of a trouble for you, it is time you leave it and move onto something that does the job for you without any hassle.

Enter AnyTrans, an app for those of you who are sick of using AirPlay on your devices. This app enables you to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows and Mac machines and mirror your screens. It does not cause as many issues as AirPlay and works like a charm most of the times. To get more details: Mirror, Record and Capture Screen, One Solution for All >

An Alternative of AirPlay to Mirror Screen

An Alternative of AirPlay to Mirror Screen

The Bottom Line

Learning how to AirPlay from your iPhone is extremely useful as it lets you show the content of your iPhone’s small screen on a large Apple TV. We hope the above guide teaches you how to do it.

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