How to Unlock Huawei PIN Code/Pattern/Password

What if you forgot your Huawei phone PIN, password, or pattern? No worries, this guide offers you how to unlock Huawei phone without resetting, or without Google account, etc.

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DroidKit – 1-Click Unlock Huawei Phone Forgot Password/PIN/Pattern

Forgot Huawei lock screen password, PIN, or pattern? Free download DroidKit, a complete Android solution, to unlock your Huawei phone or tablet in 1 click. It only takes 3 minutes to unlock your device. Supports all Huawei device models, like Huawei y9, y7, p30, nova, etc.

I intended to find some super important data from my old Huawei phone, but I just could not recall the pin code, and then to make matters worse, my phone was locked after several failed attempts. I desperately want to know how to unlock my huawei phone without screen password?

— A user’s question from the Huawei community

As the above user reported, you may also want to know: how to unlock a Huawei phone when you forgot the password? The lock screen can secure our personal data, but it would be troublesome when forgot the password/PIN/pattern.

Here in this post, we will share with you how to unlock Huawei phone, including unlocking Huawei phone without resetting or how to hard reset your Huawei phone to remove screen locks. No matter if you forgot the phone PIN code, pattern, numeric password, or too many pattern attempts invalid username password, read this post about Huawei PIN code unlock right now!

How to Unlock Huawei Phone without Resetting

When Huawei forgot lock screen password/PIN/pattern, the easiest way to unlock Huawei devices without losing data is using Forget Pattern feature. But this option only works on Android 4.4 and lower, and you need to sign in to your Google account. Here is how to unlock Huawei Phone without resetting:

  1. Randomly enter a wrong password for 5 attempts, then the system will show you a pop-out message to ask you to try again in 30 seconds.
  2. Choose the Forgotten pattern on the bottom left corner then log in your Google username/email and password used in the locked phone.
  3. Follow the system wizard to create a new pattern, or tap on None if you don’t want a Pin code anymore.
Enter Google Account and Password to Unlock

Unlock Huawei without Resetting via Forgot Pattern

But if you have updated your phone to a higher version, or have no idea of the Google account that is associated with the locked phone, keep reading to find other solutions that fit you.

How to Unlock Huawei Phone without Password/PIN in 1 Click

When you forgot your PIN code or other passwords on your Huawei, an Android phone unlocking tool is a good option for you. Here, we highly recommend you try DroidKit, a complete Android solution, which provides you with a robust Android phone unlock tool. You can unlock your Huawei without any passwords. After unlocking, your phone will be reset and restarted normally.

DroidKit – Huawei PIN Code Unlock

  • Unlock Huawei forgot password/PIN/pattern/fingerprint, etc.
  • Unlock in clicks and a few minutes. As easy and quickly as possible.
  • Fix Huawei PIN required after restarting device.
  • Supports all Huawei devices, like P30, Mate 40, Y7, Nova, etc.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

So if you forgot PIN of your Huawei device, just follow the steps for Huawei PIN code unlock below.

Step 1. Download DroidKit and Choose Screen Unlocker

Free download DroidKit and launch it > Tap on Screen Unlocker > Connect your Huawei phone via USB cable.

Choose Screen Unlocker

Choose Screen Unlocker

Step 2. Connect Huawei and Start

When you connected the Huawei to the computer, head to Start. And DroidKit will prepare the configuration file for the phone.

Connect your Locked Phone

Connect your Locked Huawei

Step 3. Remove Screen Password on Huawei

DroidKit will identify the device brand (If not, choose it manually). A new interface will appear and follow the on-screen steps to remove the screen password of Huawei.

Finish Settings on Huawei

Finish Settings on Huawei

Step 4. Screen Lock Removal Completed

Then DroidKit will start the removal process automatically. Wait for a while and you will get Screen Lock Removal Completed page as below.

Lock Screen Removal Completed

Huawei Phone is Unlocked

Unlock Huawei Phone Forgot Password/PIN with Find My Phone

If you encounter the password required after restart Huawei issue, you can also try Google Find My Device to fix. It is designed as a security service to remotely locate, lock/unlock or erase data of Android devices. If you have activated this feature on your phone before, try the instructions in the dropdowns below to learn how to unlock Huawei phone.

This method asks for Google Account credentials (usually your Gmail address) and the device needs to be powered on and connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Follow the steps below to Remotely unlock Huawei using Android Find My Device:

  1. Go to Find My Device official website on your PC > Sign in your Google Account that is used on the locked phone before.
  2. In the Find My Device interface > Tap Lock > Input a temporary password then click Lock again.
  3. Head to the settings to reset the password.

How to Reset Password on Huawei Phone in Recovery Mode

If all the solutions above don’t work for you, the last resort that you can still count on is to factory reset the phone in recovery mode. It will restore your phone to factory settings thus get the lock removed. But meanwhile, all data on your phone will be wiped off. So make sure you have a backup on HUAWEI Cloud or Google Drive before performing a factory reset.

The steps may vary slightly depending on the models and versions. Here is the guide for EMUI 5. X system and later versions. It may be slightly different on EMUI 4.1 system and older versions. For details differing from models, please visit Huawei’s official website.

  1. Turn off your phone first, then press and hold the Power and Volume up buttons for 15 seconds to enter recovery mode.
  2. In the Recovery interface, follow the instructions of system to reset to factory settings.
  3. After completing the reset process, tap Restart to enter start wizard and reset your pin code/pattern/password.

For Mate 30 RS or Mate 30 series, turn on the phone and press the Power button 5 times in rapid succession to enter recovery mode. Do not press and hold the Power and Volume up buttons simultaneously for too long. Otherwise, your phone will power on as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Huawei PIN required after restarting device?

“PIN/Password required after restart Huawei” is designed by the operating system to make sure your phone’s security. Therefore, every time when you restart your Huawei phone, you need to enter a PIN password to verify your identity. If you forgot the PIN, you need to use the methods above to enter the Huawei home screen.

And, after a factory reset, you may need to enter the Google account and password. Because the factory reset protection is enabled but has not been disabled before the factory reset. Then, you need to bypass the FRP lock on your Huawei phone.

Q2. What is Huawei PIN code?

If you forgot the SIM lock on your Huawei phone, the default PIN code is 1234 which is provided by T-Mobile.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about Huawei PIN code unlock. And you can also find out how to unlock Huawei phone without resetting. With all these possible fixes, you should have no problem unlocking screen and regaining access to your phone. If you have any questions about this guide, please let us know in the comment section or via Email. By the way, don’t forget to try DroidKit for unlocking and you can explore more possibilities in it.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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