How to Backup and Restore Snapchat Data

Don’t know how to backup Snapchat and restore photos on your phone? If it’s troubling you to save your photos on Snapchat- then this guide is for you! Just scroll below and learn how to backup Snapchat and restore everything!

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Snapchat helps you to share photos and videos with your friends. The only downside for any Snapchat user is that they would not save their Snapchat images or videos. Snapchat deletes them automatically after the user opens them. This always makes people in trouble. Here’s an example:

“Can anyone tell me how to backup and restore Snapchat? I’ve misplaced all of my Snapchat photos. I’ve been looking for a solution but haven’t found it. I’d like to know how I can get my snaps back.”

If you’ve accidentally deleted Snapchat messages or images from your phone, you’ve come to the right place as this guide entails how to quickly backup and restore Snapchat data. Continue reading!

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How to Backup Snapchat

1. How to Backup Snapchat Memories

While if you are using Snapchat then you may be having a question about does Snapchat can back up all Snapchat memories, so yes Snapchat allows you to backup your memories. To do so follow the steps.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Next tap on Memories.

Step 3: Then click on Save To toggle.

Step 4: Finally, click on Memories & Camera Roll, and you are done!

Back Up Snapchat Memories

Back Up Snapchat Memories

If you want to save your Memories to your camera roll (and haven’t already done so), you’ll need to go through each memory and save it manually.

2. How to Add Snapchat to iCloud

Since iOS doesn’t mess around with different image files, adding Snapchat to iCloud can happen automatically if you use Google Photos or Apple Photos. Go to Photos & Camera in the Settings app to make sure your upload choices are correct and that everything is synced back to the iCloud Photo Library (if that’s where you want to store your Snaps).

Add Snapchat to iCloud

Add Snapchat to iCloud

How to Restore Snapchat

We have come to the next part of the article to learn how to restore Snapchat in different ways. Let’s get started!

1. Check Snapchat Memories Backup

The first method is on how to export Snapchat to the phone. Scroll below to check the steps:

Step 1: Select a Memory and then tap on three dots at the right corner.

Step 2: Next, click on Export Snap.

Step 3: Finally, select camera roll to export the memory.

Export Snapchat to Phone

Export Snapchat to Phone

2. Restore from iCloud backup

If you backed up your smartphone with iCloud, you could restore Snapchat images on your iPhone using the iCloud backup. Like restoring from an iTunes backup, restoring from an iCloud backup necessitates the deletion of all data and settings from your iPhone. Always keep a data backup if you don’t want to lose some data when recovering Snapchat images on your iPhone.

Now let’s jump on the steps on how to restore Snapchat data from iCloud:

Step 1: Navigate to Setting, open General and then choose the Reset button to erase all content.

Step 2: Next, set up the device and click on Restore from iCloud backup and then select a backup file, and you are done!

3. Restore from Computer

If you’re looking for the best Snapchat photo recovery tool on the internet, this section will undoubtedly point you in the right direction. The PhoneRescue tool is the best Snapchat photo recovery tool. With a few taps, this Snapchat recovery software will restore deleted or missing images, videos, and audio files from a Windows device or a MacBook. It has an easy-to-use GUI, and you will have no problems using it because of its advanced Snapchat data recovery mechanism.

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The Bottom Line

So we’ve come to the end of this article, where we’ve covered a couple of the easiest ways to backup and restore deleted Snapchat photos on Android / iPhone devices. Overall, the whole situation is dependent on the presence of Snapchat temporary files; if they are present, you might be able to recover deleted Snapchat files.

You can also use the PhoneRescue app to recover missing Snapchat memories on any device without a backup.

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