Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working Issues After Updating to iOS 13/12

This guide is all about how to fix voicemail on iPhone not working on iOS 13/12, and also supports previous iOS version. Read the following instructions to fix iPhone voicemail not working issue.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 14, 2020

“My voicemail on iPhone has been bugging out since after updating iOS. It keeps snapping closed at random points during playback, particularly on speakerphone. I always take 5 to 6 tries to get through a voicemail…every time I have to scroll forward to hear more before it glitches. Reset network settings no change. Messages app freezes and crashes, contacts have issues when adding and merging via voicemail. I really want to how to fix voicemail not working on my iPhone, appreciated in advance!”

— A User From Apple Support

It goes without saying that new iOS brings a lot of amazing features, all you want is to update your iPhone to the new version. In the year 2019, Apple would release iOS 13 in September, this new iOS owns a number of significant enhancements on messages, photos, maps, etc. Now users could download iOS 13 Beta to have a try. After updating to a new iOS, lots of users have reported that there are some problems, the voicemail not working problem is one of them. If you are experiencing similar trouble, and have no idea about how to fix voicemail on iPhone not working, the following content we’ve listed may help you out.

How to Visual Voicemail on iPhone

How to Visual Voicemail on iPhone

iOS Voicemail Not Working Problems You May Meet

If you find out that the voicemail not working on iPhone after updating to a new iOS, you may meet the following problems:

  • Your iPhone not showing voicemail messages
  • Cannot set up voicemail after update
  • No alerts/notifications about voicemails
  • Your callers not able to record messages
  • Voicemail is currently unavailable/cannot access voicemail
  • Duplicate or multiple copies of the voicemail message
  • Calls or dials voicemail instead of showing a list of visual voicemail
  • Unable to hear or listen to a voicemail message
  • No option to leave a voicemail message
  • Cannot delete a voicemail message

Why iPhone Voicemail Not Working on the New iOS

It is possible that the problem iPhone voicemail not working is at your carrier’s end, in other words, it may due to the bad networking connection. Besides, as for every iOS, there always some bugs may stop the network connection between your device and carrier. So, in order to fix iPhone voicemail not working problem, you should make sure that the connection between your device and carrier works well. Check the two parts, one is your iPhone side (Voicemail setting, network setting, and signal status) and another is your Carrier side (server and settings).

8 Tricks to Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working on New iOS

Here we’ve rounded up 8 tricks or tips to fix voicemail won’t work on your iPhone in iOS 13/12, hopefully, these will help you out as soon as possible.

1. Check the Carrier on Your iPhone. Check if there is a carrier setting update required, install it by going into Settings, then tapping General and then tapping about.

2. Restart Your iPhone. Generally, your iPhone needs a restart after a new software update installation. To restart your iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider shows up > Drag the slider to power off > After a few seconds, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone.

3. Reset the Network Settings. It is true that a new system update may void or override the current network on devices, and hereby inflicting network issues to happen. The network issues can also influence voicemail messages on your iPhone. To reset network settings: go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Resetting the network settings will erase network credentials and restore them to default. Simply to say, all your saved Wi-Fi passwords will be wiped.

4. Reset Voicemail Password. To reset the voicemail password on your iPhone, you need to log in to the carrier’s website or contact customer service. After this, navigate to the Voicemail tab on the Phone app. A new screen will then prompt you to set up your voicemail.

5. Disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Please remember that visual voicemail uses mobile data, not the Wi-Fi network. To disable Wi-Fi, go to your iPhone Settings > tap Wi-Fi > Then tap the switch to disable or turn Wi-Fi off.

6. Verify if voicemail is set up on your iPhone. Some updates would reset some device settings configuration. Therefore, verify and ensure voicemail is still properly set up and configured on your iPhone. Tap on Phone > Voicemail tab > Tap Set Up Now > Enter a password and re-enter it > Done > Tap Custom to record a personal greeting > Tap on Record to start recording and tap Stop when it is done.

7. Reset Time Zone. To do this, you can go to Settings > General > Date & Time, turn on Set Automatically.

8. Visit carrier site or call carrier for help. If the above 7 solutions can’t fix your problem, you can refer to your carrier for help. Your carrier will glad to help you get out voicemail issues by offering you support pages, FAQ tools or other methods.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to fix iPhone voicemail not working in iOS 12/13 issue. If you have some other solutions to fix iPhone voicemail not working, welcome to share your solutions by leaving your comment. If you feel this article is helpful, also welcome to share it with your families or friends.

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