How to Fix: iPhone Ringtones Not Working After iOS 10/11 Update


Find your iPhone’s ringtone not working after iOS 10/11 update, or find your new iPhone 7 not ringing? This guide offers you 5 possible solutions to fix iPhone ringer not working issue.

by Tom Follow @iMobie_Inc

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"After installing the iOS 10.3, now my iPhone 6 won't play custom ringtones and text tones, and no sound for incoming calls. I've tried reset all settings but it is still ringtones not working and ringing, so how to get out?" 

– iPhone user asked for solution on Apple forum.

After iOS update, many users complained their iPhone’s ringtone not working. Not too long ago, Apple released the new iOS 10.3.3 for iPhone iPad users and iOS 11 would soon be available. Not surprisingly, some of you may be stuck on this iOS 10/11 ringtones issues during updating to this new iOS update software, just like what we show you above.

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Actually, this problem "iPhone ringtone not working" came out since iPhone 4/4s. Users found their iPhone ringer not working, like, assigned ringtone not working, not ringing, even not playing any sound for all incoming calls. And this issue continues, some people meet the similar issues on iPhone 7/6/6s/5/5s/se after updating to iOS 11/10, or restoring from old backup. Then how to fix "iPhone ringtones not working or ringing"? Here we collected some tips.

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Tips to Fix iPhone Ringtones Not Working or No Sound in iOS 10/11

There are 4 tips you can have a try to fix your iOS 10 ringtones problems. And these basic tips are also helpful for iOS 11.

Tip 1. Run Settings app and go to Sounds to adjust the volume of your ringtone.

Fix iPhone Ringtone Not Working – Adjust Volume

Fix iPhone Ringtone Not Working – Adjust Volume

Tip 2. Make sure you are not setting mute button to silent. If you see read color on the mute button on your iPhone, you may need to switch it to let your ringtone ring.

Fix iPhone  Ringer Not Working – Mute Button

Fix iPhone Ringer Not Working – Mute Button

Tip 3. Restart your iPhone. You can power off your iPhone and then turn on it. This method may fix your iPhone ringtone issue.

Fix iPhone Ringtone Not Working – Restart iPhone

Fix iPhone Ringtone Not Working – Restart iPhone

Tip 4. Wait for new iOS update to fix this bug. It could be bugs in your present iOS version.  So you have to wait for the new update to get this bug fixed. And you can report the bug to Apple support to help it quickly fix it.

Tip 5. Contact Apple for help.

The Bottom Line

If you have some better ideas to fix "iOS 10/11 ringtones not working or ringing", be free to share them on the below section. If you have some iPhone ringtones issues, you can also comment them here to ask for help.

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