How to Save GarageBand as MP3 with Ease

Want to save Podcast or music you created as mp3 to share it further? For this, you need to learn how to save GarageBand as mp3. This article will provide you steps in detail to convert GarageBand to mp3.

By iMobie | Posted: May. 30, 2018, Last Updated: Jun. 12, 2018
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Methods of music creation have changed drastically these days with the advent of technology, like GarageBand. It helps the users to create multiple tracks with the help of inbuilt MIDI keyboards, loops, voice recordings and other instrumental effects. After recording and mixing, you can easily listen to it on this platform. However, if you want to play the music file with other common audio applications, then it is necessary to export GarageBand to mp3 or other formats.

The reason behind is that by default GarageBand saves the music file as m4r which is not supported by other music applications. If you don’t know how to save GarageBand as mp3, don’t worry, here in this article, we will show you shared steps and methods to convert GarageBand to mp3. Now follow these steps to export GarageBand to mp3.

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How to Save GarageBand as MP3

Step 1: Save the File

When you have completed your podcast, click on the File menu and select Save. This ensures that all your files of recordings are saved and you are able to edit them further.

How to Save GarageBand as MP3 - Save the File

How to Save GarageBand as MP3 – Save the File

Step 2: Share the File

Click on Share and then select an Export Song to Disk. You can then change the name, location and select the file format. Choose to export GarageBand as mp3.

How to Convert GarageBand as MP3 - Share the File

How to Convert GarageBand as MP3 – Share the File

Step 3: Converting to MP3

Select the Export button Once you are done with the settings and the quality measures of the recording.

Export GarageBand to MP3 - Convert to MP3

Export GarageBand to MP3 – Convert to MP3

Step 4: Store and Share the Converted File

After the completion of the converting progress, now you can easily save and share your mp3 file.

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AnyTrans for iOS Overview

AnyTrans for iOS Overview

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The Bottom Line

With the above 4 steps, you can easily save GarageBand as mp3. If you want to convert the saved audio files as iPhone ringtones, don’t forget to give AnyTrans for iOS a try! By the way, if you have any questions about this post or AnyTrans for iOS, don’t hesitate to leave comments below.


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