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Looking for iPhone battery life saving tips? Now iMobie team collected some top tips to save iPhone battery life.

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Sept 22, 2014


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2013 Top 10 iPhone Battery Life Saving Tips

Every time we plan for a long trip, one of the first things we are used to concern is how to increase our iPhone battery life. In short, turn off / disable as many options as you can. But to give you a quick and efficient solution, we collected top 10 iPhone battery saving tips that are pivotal.

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1. Turn off Auto-Brightness and keep Brightness in low level

This feature adjusts your display's brightness according to the lighting of your current environment. This keeps the display from being constantly at its brightest. So to maximally increase your iPhone battery life, don't give this power to your phone since it may make the bad decision. To check it out, open the Settings app, and select Brightness.

Turn off Auto-Brightness and keep Brightness in low level

Turn off Auto-Brightness and keep Brightness in low level

2. Clean Up Junk Files on Your iPhone

The cache and off-line files include images, snapshots, video/audio media info, etc. which are created to speed up files access temporarily. But over time they may occupy over 1 Gigabyte space absurdly. Every time initiating an App, you have to wait for a long time to let it load these data. During that period of time, there more power has been consumed. Find A Solution >

2013 Top 10 iPhone Battery Life Saving Tips 2

3. Always keep the background clean

Close apps you aren't using, or at least some of them. iPhone does a decent job of not allowing all open apps to suck your battery, but keeping more than 10 open is never a good idea. Especially for the Apps that require the network connection, they are constantly updating and draining your battery.

Always keep the background clean

Always keep the background clean

4. Disable Location Services

iPhone Location service allows your phone to know where you are and give you exact driving directions, give that information to apps that help you find restaurants, and more. But, like any service that sends data over a network, it needs battery power to work. If you're not using Location Services, and don't plan to right away, turn them off and save some power.

Disable Location Services

Disable Location Services

5. Fetch Email Less Often

The less often your phone accesses a network, the less battery it uses. Save battery life by setting your phone to check your email accounts less often. Try checking every hour or, if you're really serious about saving battery, manually. Manual checks means you'll never have email waiting for you on your phone, but you'll also stave off the red battery icon.

2013 Top 10 iPhone Battery Life Saving Tips 5

Fetch Email Less Often

6. Lock the Screen By Hand

No matter how sooner your iPhone locks the screen itself, it won't be sooner than do it yourself. So bearing in mind that every time you quit using your phone, clock the screen manually. A press on the sleep button will be a good helper to save the energy.

2013 Top 10 iPhone Battery Life Saving Tips 6

Lock the Screen By Hand

7. Keep Up with the Latest iOS

No one can foresee iOS 6.1.1 contains such a viral Battery drainage and Wi-fi issue, but just give Apple some time and it will always make up the mistakes. Another advantage of updating iOS is the newer iOS version more likely tends to brings better and improved system managing method.

Keep Up with the Latest iOS

Keep Up with the Latest iOS

8. Turn Off Vibrations

Believe it or not, vibration alerts can use up battery life more than anything else, especially if you get a lot of push notifications. They're nice to have, but if you don't mind turning them off, you'll probably notice an improvement in battery life. The option can be found under Sounds in the Settings app.



9. Set on Airplane Mode

If your iPhone is running out of battery but you have to keep it in use for a while, an exigent iPhone battery saving tip is to turn on Airplane Mode, which will suspend many of the device's signal transmitting functions, including receive calls or use text messaging. Note that enabling Airplane Mode doesn't mean the battery will stay forever, since it still permits use of other functions (e.g., games, built-in camera, MP3 player).

Set on Airplane Mode

Set on Airplane Mode

10. Keep useful stuff in Notifications only

Make sure "Push notifications" are notifications sent by third-party apps straight to your phone through Apple's servers. When you have lots of them enabled, they can wear down your iPhone battery. If you don't need your phone to constantly check for updates from, say, your Stocks app, or that new social network you never use anymore, turn off the app's ability to send you notifications.

Keep useful stuff in Notifications only

Keep useful stuff in Notifications only

11. Turn Bluetooth Off

The Bluetooth function is not only useful with wireless headsets or earpieces, but also for iPhone or iPad users share data wirelessly. But it also drains the battery of your device. Turn off Bluetooth except when you're using it.

Turn Bluetooth Off

Turn Bluetooth Off

12. Keep Auto-Lock Sooner

The Auto-Lock feature allows you to set your iPhone or iPad to automatically go to sleep after a certain amount of time. The sooner it sleeps, the less power is used to run the screen or other services. You can set the Auto-Lock to 1 or 2 minutes.

Keep Auto-Lock Sooner

Keep Auto-Lock Sooner

13. Turn Off Personal Hotspot

Personal Hotspot turns your iPhone or iPad into a wireless hotspot that broadcasts its cellular data to other devices. It is an quite useful feature, however, it also drains your device battery.  This only applies if you use the iPhone's Personal Hotspot feature to share your wireless data connection with other iPhone or iPad.

Turn Off Personal Hotspot

Turn Off Personal Hotspot

Important Note: If your iPhone’s battery drains quickly due to iOS 8 update, you should read more about iOS 8 updates and what to do after updating to iOS 8, such as, how to speed up iPhone and how to retrieve lost data after iOS 8 upgrade.

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