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all iOS data and files

Fully manage your iPhone, iPad, iPod, even iTunes and iCloud content in one handy place.

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Full-Way Transfer without Sync Block

AnyTrans breaks the sync boundaries and brings you full-way transfer across iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computer. Now you can move around music, photos, contacts, messages or any other data and files as you want. Freely. Smoothly. And all in one click.

Be The Master of Your Music Collections

Free your music from iTunes restrictions. Now AnyTrans lets you master them unlimitedly. Export iPhone tracks and enjoy them on computer. Easily add songs to iPhone/iPod in seconds, no risk of erasing existing music. Enjoy playlists of your old iPhone on new iPhone, or set your favorite song as the ringtone. You get full control of your music as you want.

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Take Good Care of Your iPhone Photos

iPhone photos record your life highlights, and AnyTrans keeps them safe for you. In a single click, it smartly and rapidly exports photos to computer by categories, like Live Photos, Selfies, or albums you created – even converts HEIC images to JPG if needed. With a safe backup of valued photos, you can now free up iPhone space to record more precious moments.

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Keep Your Personal Data Safe and Clear

With years of use, your iPhone is crowded with thousands of contacts and messages. Now it’s time to do a cleaning and keep your list clear. You can check each contact and message. Easily remove unused ones in bulk. Back up important ones to computer. Also, you can move them to new iPhone and make sure your connections are always right at your fingertips.

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Immerse Yourself in The World of Videos

You love watching movies, so AnyTrans brings you the universe of videos. You can save movies or any videos from YouTube and other 900+ sites to iPhone/iPad. Or, import videos from computer with blazing speed. Either way, AnyTrans will smartly convert videos to an iOS compatible format. Want to enjoy iPhone videos on iPad or computer? It’s just a click away.

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Experience The Most Pleasant i-Life You May Ever Imagine

Not only for your most important personal data and media files, but for giving you a more relaxed and enjoyable experience in every aspect of using your iOS devices. You just fully enjoy your i-Life, and AnyTrans will take over all the tedious management work. With just one click, or even without any operation, everything you need to do will get done perfectly.

Meet Old Memories in Your New iPhone

Bought a new iPhone? Warm it up with your memories from the old phone. No matter you're upgrading from an old iPhone or Android phone, AnyTrans prepares you a data migration solution that is more convenient, faster and more complete. All your essentials will be safely moved over – photos you shot, music you enjoyed, contacts you kept, messages you saved – just everything you need for everyday use.

Move Between iPhones

AnyTrans offers multiple options to meet your various demands. You can 1-click copy whole content along with custom settings, like ringtones and wallpapers, from old iPhone to the new. Or select to migrate your wanted data only, saving your time and iPhone storage. Even merge content from multiple iOS devices to iPhone, without erasing original data. Feel free to customize your new iPhone in your way.

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Switch from Android to iOS

Surpassing Move to iOS app in workflow and final results, AnyTrans makes the switch from Android to iOS much easier, faster, safer, and more capable. With one tap, you’ll move over everything important in minutes. Also, you can freely select and transfer specific items as needed. No fear of compatibility issues. All your data from Android phones will be converted to iOS supported formats on the fly.

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iTunes + AnyTrans = Ultra Simple and Unlimited

  iTunes AnyTrans iTunes + AnyTrans
Download Media Files Shop for a huge collection of music, movies and TV shows 100% FREE to download music and videos from 900+ sites like YouTube Enjoy a universe of entertainment on the go
Sync Modes One-way sync from iTunes to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Full-way transfer between iOS devices, computer, iTunes and iCloud Unlimited sync
Data Safety Erase existing data and files on iOS devices during sync Never lose a single piece of data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod No data loss during sync
Back Up Data Manually back up iOS data Back up data automatically, wirelessly, securely, and rapidly Securely back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod data
Preview Backups Preview any backup you choose before restore, making sure it contains what you need No more blind restore
Selectively Extract Backups Select your needed data to extract from backups without full restore Fully restore from a backup or extract only what you need, as you prefer

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AnyTrans breaks the sync boundary and consolidates every access to all your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and iCloud content in one place, ensuring you'll spend less time managing them but more time enjoying your digital life.

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