Top Fingerprint Lock Apps for Android

Are you concerned about the security of your Android phone? If your answer is a yes, this article is what you need. Here we’ve discussed some of the best fingerprint app locks that can help you enhance the security of your Android phone. Have a look!

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When you think about the privacy of your phone you’ll realize that there are all kinds of things in your Smartphone that you might not want others to see. For instance, a conversation with friends or family, precious pictures, important work-related files, and many others.

Though almost every Android Smartphone allows you to put a screen lock, if someone knows your device PIN or password, you need to remove the lock screen PIN and set a different one. That’s where the best fingerprint app lock comes to the rescue.

You can install a fingerprint app lock in your Android Smartphone and protect your applications, Gallery, chats, and every other possible thing. Keeping strangers away from your mobile phone is one of the best methods being used by a lot of people these days. Therefore, you must know what options you have when it comes to the best fingerprint app lock, and this article will do the needful for you. So, keep on reading.

Part 1. How Does Fingerprint Work on Android?

Before we start discussing the best fingerprint app lock available on Google Play Store, you need to know how fingerprint locks work on an Android mobile phone. These days every Android smartphone comes with a fingerprint scanner which you can use to enhance the security of your device.

Fingerprint Lock for Android

Fingerprint Lock for Android

It is nothing but a kind of electronic security system that uses a person’s fingerprints for biometric authentication. Human fingerprints are unique, and that’s why fingerprint locks are helpful when you have to keep an intruder away from your phone. Installing the best fingerprint app lock ensures high-level security, which PIN codes, pattern codes, and passwords cannot fulfill.

Additionally, you don’t have to remember a long and strong PIN, password, or pattern locks to be able to unlock your Android device. With the best fingerprint app lock, you have to place a particular finger at the fingerprint scanner, and within a fraction of a second, your Android Smartphone will get unlocked. Some of the best fingerprint app lock work by scanning the pattern of valleys and ridges on a finger.

The information is then further processed by the device’s pattern-matching/analysis software. Your Android Smartphone compares the information which the registered fingerprints on the device. The access is given to the user when the fingerprint app lock verifies their identity. After downloading the best fingerprint app lock from Google Play Store, you can start using the App to keep your device secured and its data private.

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Part 2. Top 5 Fingerprint Apps for Android Smartphone

If you search about fingerprint app lock on Google Play Store, you will notice a long list of options that you can consider. But, based on various features its very hectic task to pick up the best fingerprint app lock for your device. But you don’t have to worry anymore. In this section, We have mentioned the five best fingerprint app locks that you can consider. Check them out:

1. AppLock – Fingerprint (SpSoft)

Compatibility: Supports Android 2.3 and later

The first on the list of best fingerprint app locks have to be AppLock – Fingerprint by Spsoft. If you are searching for a fingerprint app lock with a user-friendly interface, this App is for you. It protects your phone and its content from the unwanted prying eyes of strangers. In addition to a fingerprint lock, it also supports pattern, PIN, password, and gesture lock.

The size of this application is just around 3MB, hence being a lightweight app, it works fast without lagging. You can conveniently use this application to lock Gallery and other third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. With five crore plus downloads, it is undoubtedly one of the best fingerprint app locks that you can consider for your Android smartphone.

Key Features of AppLock – Fingerprint:

  • It takes pictures of intruders who try to take access to your device and sends them by email.
  • It comes with a fake lock feature which you can use to hide private stuff with a fake error window.
  • It allows you to block the locked App’s notification in the top notification bar.
  • It has an intelligent lock feature that lets you lock for only a particular time or unlock automatically when you are connected to a specific Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

2. AppLock – DoMobile Lab

Compatibility: Compatible with all Android versions, including Android 8.0

With around 100 million users all across the globe, AppLock by DoMobile Lab is another great option that you can consider to secure your Android device. Along with a fingerprint locking system, it also allows you to set up passwords or PINs to lock applications. With this app lock, you can protect Messenger, SMS, Contacts, WhatsApp, Gallery, Settings, incoming calls, and other things you think should be kept private.

It has various in-built features which enable you to change the icon of any application to a compass or a calculator. Additionally, you can unlock some premium features by paying for them. Furthermore, it also supports full customization for different themes.

Key Features of AppLock – DoMobile Lab:

  • It comes with a random keyboard and an invisible pattern lock system. Hence, you don’t have to worry about peeping eyes.
  • It displays a crash screen or a fake fingerprint scanner when an authorized person tries to access a protected application.
  • This App captures the image of the intruder who tries to unlock your Android phone without your permission.
  • With the help of customized profiles, you can set multiple locked app groups.

3. Fingerprint AppLock – ZipoApps

Compatibility: Supports Android 4.1 and later

Next one is Fingerprint AppLock by ZipoApps. It is one of those fingerprints app locks that don’t consume much battery and RAM of an Android phone. Hence, you can download it if you have any issues with your phone’s battery. To prevent unauthorized access, the App allows you to lock in-built apps like Settings, Contacts, SMS, and other third-party applications like Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
The App allows you to hide the pattern to ensure secured pattern locks. Hence, if someone else is looking at your phone’s screen, it’ll be difficult for them to identify the pattern lock. In addition to that, it takes a selfie of the person who try to take access of the locked applications.

Key Features of Fingerprint AppLock:

  • When someone enters the wrong password or PIN, a warning alarm is produced
  • It allows you to hide the icon of the protected App
  • You can activate and deactivate fingerprint lock easily without any hassle
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface

4. LOCKit

Compatibility: Supports Android 4.1 and later

LOCKit is a complete security package that will help you protect notifications, applications, Gallery, and much more. To enhance the security of your data, it comes with a photo and video vault where you can hide your media files. You can easily fool strangers with a false crash screen.
Moreover, it snaps the person who tries to take access to the locked apps and settings. You can easily lock incoming calls as well to protect private phone calls. Furthermore, it allows you to add a new notification bar on your screen for quick-lock or unlock apps.

Key Features of LOCKit:

  • It uses a fake cover to disguise App unlock the screen.
  • It comes with an intelligent privacy protection feature that scans privacy status in real-time.
  • It has various notable features like power-saving mode, customizable wallpaper, notification cleaner, phone booster, etc.
  • The App allows you to prevent uninstallation of protected apps.

5. FingerSecurity

Compatibility: Supports Android 4.3 and later

Last on the list of best fingerprint app lock, we have FingerSecurity. As the name suggests, this app lock will help you set the complete security of your device with your unique fingerprint. You can lock and unlock multiple applications on your Android Smartphone in just one go. The App comes with an advanced feature that ensures no data visibility in a recently used app screen to offer intact privacy.
FingerSecurity comes with paid and free versions both. Additionally, you can use any image as the background of the app lock. This app lock uses the device administrator permission as an opt-in feature to protect any application from uninstallation. It is a well-secured app; hence you don’t have to worry about any privacy issues while using the App.

Key Features of FingerSecurity:

  • You can unlock multiple applications simultaneously and use a false crash dialog to fool strangers
  • It allows a specific number of fingerprints to unlock any application
  • It quickly detects intruders by taking their picture
  • You can use alternative PIN codes and passwords to unlock applications

Bonus Tip: Remove Android Fingerprint Lock Screen by DroidKit

If you have set a fingerprint lock on your Android phone and you accidentally forget it, you may need a program that can help you unlock it quickly. Then, DroidKit is your timely savior. You don’t have to wait and you only need to complete 3 steps to use your phone without a screen lock.

  • DroidKit can remove any type of screen lock such as a 4-digit PIN, 6-digit PIN, custom PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint, etc.
  • DroidKit can remove Android lock screen within minutes, including 20,000+ models of Android phones and the latest Android OS.
  • Don’t want to risk rooting your device? No worries, you can bypass the password without rooting your device.
  • DroidKit also provides you system repair tool to fix black screen, stuck-on update errors, etc.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Free download the DroidKit and then tap on Screen Unlocker on the homepage.

Choose Screen Unlocker

Choose Screen Unlocker

Step 2. Please connect your Android phone to the computer. Once your Android phone has been recognized, please tap on the Start button to initiate the process.

Connect your Locked Phone

Connect your Locked Phone

Step 3. When the configuration file is prepared, you can click on Remove Now.

Click Remove Now Button

Click Remove Now Button

Step 4. Choose the corresponding brand of your Android phone and follow the on-screen instructions to remove the password.

Finish Settings on Samsung

Finish Settings on Samsung

Step 5. The unlocking process will automatically start. Minutes later, you’ll see the Screen Lock Removal Completed page.

Lock Screen Removal Completed

Lock Screen Removal Completed

Final Thoughts

All the aforementioned fingerprint app locks will help you enable high-level security, and these applications are secure and reliable to use. Hence, you can select any of the best fingerprint app lock for yourself and safeguard your Android Smartphone’s data from snoopers. But if you forget the screen lock unfortunately, then you can download DroidKit to help you to remove the lock screen. Besides, it’s also a powerful android data management software, which can help you to transfer contacts, message and so on between computers and android phones.

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