How to Fix This iPhone Was Lost and Erased

Any user gets an iCloud notification related to the iPhone being lost and Erased then. Behind that iCloud notification, there are various reasons. We are going to discuss all possible reasons.

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I have an iPhone 8 Plus which I bought second-hand online, this summer. When I got it from its former owner, she reset the iPhone and I put my iCloud account. Everything worked fine until today when I updated my iPhone to the new iOS 14.0.1, iPhone restarted and said ”Activate iPhone. This iPhone was lost and erased. Sign in with the Apple ID that was used to erase this iPhone”. When I enter my iCloud, it says I can’t unlock the iPhone with this iCloud account. What should I do?

If you receive an iCloud notification “This iPhone was lost and erased” at the time you bought a second-hand iPhone or you were given the phone, then it means that the previous owner marked it as lost with their own iCloud account. This function will be activated when the iPhone has enabled Find My iPhone and was reset, or someone used lost mode. A password from the previous owner is required to activate this device again.

Or, if this is your own iPhone, you may get This iPhone was lost and erased, because someone stole your iPhone and your device has been hacked. At the time, you can enter the Apple ID and password you used to activate. Here in this post, we will show you some methods to fix this iPhone was lost and erased.

Bypass This iPhone was Lost and Erased with Activation Unlocker

If your iPhone is lost and erased, you can bypass the iCloud activation lock without entering the previous owner’s Apple ID and password. AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker can free your iPhone or iPad from iCloud Activation Lock. No matter you get a second-hand iPhone that’s stuck in iCloud Activation Lock, or you got Activation Lock screen when restoring your iPad, but forgot the password, you can unlock it with AnyUnlock. Currently, it supports devices running iOS 12.3 and above.

  1. Download and install the Activation unlocker > Launch it on the computer > Connect your iPhone to your computer via a lightning cable > Click on the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock and Start.

    Click on the Start to Go On

    Click on the Start to Go On

  2. You will reach the Quick Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen interface. Click on the Start Jailbreak button to download jailbreak tool. After downloading jailbreak tool successfully, if iOS device has not entered into DFU mode, follow the on-screen instructions to put the device into DFU mode.

    Download the Jailbreaking Tool

    Download the Jailbreaking Tool

  3. After that, jailbreak process continues. Once the jailbreak process is completed, click on the Bypass Now button.

    Tap on Bypass Now to Start Bypassing

    Tap on Bypass Now to Start Bypassing

  4. The whole process has been completed on the Bypass by AnyUnclock then the final interface on the computer screen is visible like the image given below. And you can fix this iPhone was lost and erased screen and get access to your iPhone now.

    iCloud Activation Lock Is Bypassed Successfully

    iCloud Activation Lock Is Bypassed Successfully

Recover iCloud Account and Password to Fix Lost and Erased iPhone

If the device has been stolen or lost, the user forgets the password of the apple id that is present in the device. You can try to recover the iCloud account and password with the steps given below:

  1. The user opens the app store application of the iPhone. A complete menu has been appearing on the mobile screen.
  2. The user needs to tap on the Password and Security Option.
  3. Click on the Apple ID password.
  4. In the list of menus, the user needs to click on the  A different Apple Id Option.
  5. Apple ID to be entered to reset the password for
  6. Tap on the Next Option then the user will get the notification regarding that.

By the above process, the user can reset the iCloud account and password.

Stop Lost Mode if You Found iPhone after Erased

After finding the iPhone user needs to follow all the steps to turn off the lost mode.

  1. The user needs to enter the passcode on the device.
  2. The user needs to open the iCloud. After that, check the list of devices that are in lost mode. Click on the lost mode and turn on the stop option of the lost mode. Click once more to stop lost mode again.

What Does iPhone Erase Pending Offline Mean?

The iPhone Erase pending offline means that the user’s iPhone hasn’t been erased till now. This is because the iPhone is not connected to the internet. However, if it connects with the internet next time, then complete data may be erased.

What Happens When you Erase iPhone Remotely?

An iPhone can be erased remotely with the help of an administrator or user. And Mac can be erased only if the user has FileVault enabled in it. There are various reasons that users need to erase phones remotely. Suppose any user lost their iPhone or had it stolen. MDM (Mobile Device Management) enables managing lost mode on the iPhone. Then the current user logs out from the device, and the iPhone is not able to unlock.

If the user-triggered erase iPhone remotely commands, MDM or iCloud sends the acknowledgment back to the MDM solution and performs the task. If you erase the iPhone remotely, then complete data will be erased. But before that, you need to find your device. You can only erase your phone data or some other iPhone data if they make you a trusted user. After that, you can provide all security questions correctly.

After erasing the iPhone remotely then these results came out. That user is not able to locate the device and if offline.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for you to fix this iPhone was lost and erased. You can try to recover iCloud account and password to activate iPhone once again. Or you can download AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker to bypass the Activation Lock without Apple ID and password. If you got further questions about this iPhone was lost and erased, feel free to leave your comments below.

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