How to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone

If your iPhone had dropped into the water accidentally, it doesn’t mean you need to change a new iPhone. Here in this post, several tips for you to get out of the dilemma are introduced.

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 13, 2022
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Since the establishment of iPhone 7, Apple has developed a new feature – water resistance, for iPhone. It’s said that the iPhone will stay good in function even if it dropped into the water by accident, as long as you handled the iPhone correctly after picking it up from the water. However, a lot of iPhone users actually reported that their iPhone still got water damaged because water resistance is more likely to work only under an ideal condition and the water is obviously not controllable.

So here in this article, we’re gonna tell you what to do if your iPhone dropped into water or get wet, and we will also give some tips for you to fix a water-damaged iPhone. Just keep reading and check more details.

What Should You Do If Your iPhone Has Dropped into Water

Tip 1. Remove the Phone Case and SIM Card

If your iPhone has a phone case or anything that might be trapping water on the phone, just remove it. And also remove your SIM card and put it at a dry and safe place.

Remove Phone Case and SIM Card

Remove Phone Case and SIM Card

Tip 2. Wipe Down the iPhone Immediately

After removing the phone case and the SIM card, do not panic and do not hesitate, find an absorbent cloth or tissue to wipe it down. Please do it quickly and carefully.

Tip 3. Turn Off the iPhone and Don’t Press Any Button

Do not try to check your iPhone function after your iPhone has dropped into water, just turn it off. It will prevent the water to reach inside the device. What’s more, except pressing the side button to turn off your iPhone, please do not press any button and also do not try to charge your iPhone.

Turn Off iPhone Immediately

Turn Off iPhone Immediately

How to Fix a Water-Damaged iPhone

After you have wiped down and turn off the iPhone, you can’t turn it on and try to check your iPhone by then, because you don’t know how much water has reached inside the iPhone. What you should do now is to try to dry out the inside of the iPhone, here are the detailed steps.

Method 1. Dry Out the iPhone Using a Hair Dryer

It’s easy for everyone to find a hairdryer, but you should be cautious while using this method. Please keep the dryer at a low power mode and blow your iPhone gently. You’d better keep your iPhone at a distance to make sure that the hot air blow won’t cause damage to it. Generally, blow your iPhone with a hairdryer for about 20 minutes is enough.

Method 2. Place the iPhone into Uncooked Rice

Prepare a bag of uncooked rice and merge your iPhone into it. Leave your iPhone in rice for at least one day. This method is meant to use rice to absorb the remained water inside your iPhone. Wait until you think your iPhone is completely dry out, take it out and turn it on to check your iPhone’s condition.

Soaked iPhone in Uncooked Rice

Soaked iPhone in Uncooked Rice

Method 3. Dry Out the iPhone with Silica Gel

Compared with uncooked rice, using silica gel is a better choice if you can find it easily because it could dry out the iPhone more efficiently. The silica gel is used to prevent goods and food from humid damage. Got enough of them to cover your iPhone, it would be better if you put the silica gel and your iPhone into a bag, wait at least one day then take your iPhone to check.

Dry Out Wet iPhone with Silica Gel

Dry Out Wet iPhone with Silica Gel

Method 4. Dismantle Your iPhone

First of all, we don’t recommend this method if you have never dismantled your iPhone before. If you are confident about yourself, you could dismantle the water damaged iPhone and wipe down every gadget.

Dismantle the iPhone

Dismantle the iPhone

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to fix water damaged iPhone. If your iPhone has dropped into water, you can follow the tips and methods in this article and try to dry out your iPhone. Or if you have other great ideas about this issue, tell us in the comment area.

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