Does Restore iPhone Will Lose Photos – Here’s the Answer

Not sure whether restoring an iPhone will lose photos, messages or other things? Don’t worry, this article will tell you the exact answer, as well as show you how to restore iPhone without data loss.

By iMobie | Posted on: Dec. 13, 2018, Last Updated: Dec. 14, 2018

When it comes to restoring an iPhone, there usually comes two meanings. One is to restore iPhone to factory settings, the other one is to restore iPhone from previous iTunes or iCloud backup.

Does Restore iPhone Will Lose Photos

“Restore iPhone to factory settings” will erase all the data & settings on your phone and restore it to the original settings, which keeps the latest iOS and the Apple default apps.

“Restore iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backup” means to restore the contents of an iPhone backup in the past to your iPhone. The backup content will replace all the current data.

Then comes to your question “If I restore my iPhone will I lose my photos?” If your “photo” means the current photos on your iPhone now, then, it will, no matter you mean to restore iPhone to factory settings or restore iPhone from backup.

However, if you’ve backed up your photos, no matter what restoring you’re planning to do, there is no need to worry about losing photos, you can restore them from the backup you made. If you’re still worried, you can make a full backup before restoring.

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How to Restore iPhone without Data Loss

When you have such a doubt about if restoring iPhone will lose photos, in most cases, you mean to restore iPhone from a backup. As we mentioned above, restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup will bring data replacing and settings change. That is to say, as long as the current data is useless for you, then this method is the best choice. Otherwise, you’re going to lose your current data anyway, not only photos but also messages, contacts, WhatsApp history, and all other content.

Why not take the best of both worlds to restore iPhone from backup without losing data? There are solutions make it possible to restore iPhone without data loss, most of them are paid for use, but it is worth if you eager to restore lost critical information and also want to keep all the existing data.

Here we recommend you one of the best iPhone restore softwarePhoneRescue for iOS, Which not only supports restore data from iCloud or iTunes backup to your iPhone without replacing current data but also render you what you exactly want rather than all the backup content. More specifically, you can access and preview the backup content in detail, extract what you really want like several contacts, some photos, specific messages and so on.

The following picture is a screenshot of PhoneRescue for iOS, it gives a free trial for users to experience its features, download it to have a try >

PhoneRescue – #1 iPhone Data Recovery

Download this professional iOS data recovery to selectively restore WhatsApp photos and other data you want from iTunes/iCloud backup without losing data.

A Screenshot of PhoneRescue for iOS on Mac

A Screenshot of PhoneRescue for iOS on Mac

The Bottom Line

Now, you must already clear about the question that “If I restore my iPhone will I lose my photos?” To avoid losing photos or other content while restoring your phone, the ultimate way is using the professional iPhone restore tool. Choose the one you prefer most and give it a try.


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