Report A Stolen iPhone to Police, Apple, and Carrier

Do you know how to report iPhone stolen when you found your iPhone was stolen or lost? There are several ways to report and we’ll discuss what you should be aware of when you report a stolen iPhone.

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It’s quite depressing that your iPhone was stolen. It is very important to do something right away when your iPhone is lost. It could protect your data or get your phone back as soon as possible. Reported a stolen iPhone is very necessary. Follow the pieces of information below, you will know how to report lost iPhone.

    How to Report Lost or Stolen iPhone

    We provide you 3 ways to report your iPhone stolen. First of all, you’d better call the police if you know the exact place where your iPhone was stolen and the one who took your device or not. Additionally, after confirming the definite loss of the mobile phone, please contact the carrier as soon as possible to lock your phone account. Third, if you have purchased stolen insurance on Apple Care, contact the Apple customer services and get your payment.

    How to Report to A Police officer

    Calling the police, filing a report and providing them with information about your iPhone is indispensable. Serial number, the iPhone model and the last known location should be provided. Surely, the police won’t always help you get your iPhone back immediately but will help you to locate your device through surveillance video.

    How to Report Stolen iPhone to Apple Care

    Apple had introduced stolen insurance to reduce the loss of a stolen iPhone. If you have purchased this AppleCare’s service for your stolen iPhone, you can contact AppleCare’s customer service as soon as possible to get payment from your theft-loss-claim.

    Step 1. Log in your Apple account

    Step 2. Start your claim

    How to Report A Stolen iPhone to AppleCare

    How to Report A Stolen iPhone to AppleCare

    How to Notify Your Carrier

    If the iPhone does not have a lock screen and other secret security, the bad guys would use your iPhone to pay which will cause the loss of your money. Therefore, make a call to your carriers or get an online service to notify them that your iPhone was stolen. They will block your account and your iPhone will not connect to any network. Also, you don’t have to worry about someone having access to your iPhone or get your data.

    The following is the carrier’s contact information:



    Metro PCS

    • Tel: 888-863-8768
    • Hours: 24/7 Customer Service


    • Tel: 888-211-4727
    • Hours: 24/7 Customer Service


    US Cellular


    The Bottom Line

    A police report is a big help for your iPhone loss. Recovered the iPhone with the help of the police would be ideal, and reporting the situation to the AppleCare insurance will help you get money to replace your iPhone if you can’t recover it. Carrier will help you to reduce the loss of your information. If you benefit from these three methods, please share this article with more people. It would be lovely that you have a better way to report, please tell us in comments.

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