A Bridge Connects All Your Devices

The exclusive innovations Phone Clone and Phone Merge feature in AnyTrans as two integrated data migration solutions. Migrating data from the old to your new iPhone, and merging content between your iPhone and iPad, all are just a tap away.

1:1 Clone Content from Your Old iPhone to a New One

The tedious set-up comes with a new iPhone. But AnyTrans Phone Clone spares you such hassle. Upon just a simple click, everything from your old device will be uploaded to the new one. The game-level you just conquered, the photos you took yesterday, the note you plan for shopping and the music you favors will be all there ready for you.

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From Any iOS Device to Any iOS Version

Phone Clone not only works between iPhones or iPads. You can also migrate content from your classic iPad mini, which is running iOS 7, to your brand-new iPhone X / iPhone 8 (Plus) now carrying the latest iOS 11. Whenever you buy a new iPhone or iPad, you can install all your data back into it in an eye-blink.

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Combine Contents of Two Devices into a Complete Stream Seamlessly

When you have multiple iDevices, Phone Merge works to integrate information dispersed between them. You can consolidate their contents, including music, contact, books, apps notes and more, into your daily use iPhone without removing any original data, and prevent duplicates at the same time.

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Migrate Your App Data from One iPhone to the Other

AnyTrans is the only solution that supports to transfer associated data within apps. As long as you have the same app installed on your target device, it makes it possible to migrate your app data, game saves and personal settings from one iDevice to the other.

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