Keep Your Messages Safe and in Your Control

We know your messages are not just messages, but your precious memories or important evidence. They mean a lot to you. So AnyTrans keeps all your iPhone messages safe by backing them up to computer. Or migrate them to your new iPhone, so they’re always within your reach. Also, you can prove your point by printing important chats out as a paper copy. All your messages are under your control.

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Meet Your Needs in Different Cases

View and Extract Messages from Backup

Need to recover lost messages but not sure which backup contains them? Well, check it out directly. AnyTrans lets you preview every single piece of data in your backups, making sure you can restore the right backup. Or, you can extract only your wanted messages to computer, if you don’t want a full restore.

More than Just Text Messages

More than just text messages (SMS), AnyTrans also makes it easy for you to manage multimedia messages (MMS), and iMessages. More than that, all attachments like photos, videos, music, voice recordings, and Animoji/Memoji/Emoji stickers are covered as well. AnyTrans is here to take care of every message and every file that matters to you.

Multiple Export Format for Multiple Demands of Yours

You may need your messages in different situations and for different purposes. So, AnyTrans offers several export formats to choose depending on your case. Save your messages as PDFs to keep graphics and text in original layouts. Export them as text files to get easier access from computer. Or, opt for HTML format in case you need to open them via a web browser. Just pick the format that’s right for you.

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Meet any of your demands in managing iPhone, iPad, iPod, iCloud and iTunes content. AnyTrans lets you spend less time managing but more time enjoying your i-Life.

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