Take Good Care of Your Favorite Apps

AnyTrans offers an all-in-one solution to take good care of your iPhone and iPad apps in every aspect. Whether you want to download, install, update, uninstall apps, or move apps and app data to new iPhone, it’s a matter of a few clicks. You’ll like the way you can easily manage your iOS apps from the large screen of computer.

Lost "iTunes App Store" Now Comes Back

With iTunes 12.7 abruptly removing the App Store, you can’t download iOS apps from computer any more. AnyTrans cares what you think and brings iOS App Store back on the desktop. You can search and download apps from AnyTrans, and install them to your iOS devices directly. All the apps are sure to be as official and secure as what you download from your iPhone’s App Store.

App Backups Give You Peace of Mind

Every time you download or update an iOS app via AnyTrans, it will be stored on your computer as well. With each version of each app being safely backed up, you can always reinstall any mistakenly deleted or unexpectedly lost app to your iPhone/iPad, even if it’s no longer available in App Store. Or, if you don’t like the new version of an app, just go back to the older version without a hitch.

Efficient App Management with Just One Tap

With hundreds of apps on your iPhone, it’s really a challenge to manage them one by one. Now, AnyTrans offers you a much more efficient solution. Just select the apps you want to install, update or delete, and with one single click, all the apps will go as you want in bulk. You can leave and get yourself a cup of coffee, letting AnyTrans take care of the apps for you.

Move Apps & App Data to New iPhone at One Go

When moving to a new iPhone, one of the most annoying thing is re-downloading apps one by one. To save your time and efforts, AnyTrans migrates all your apps and app data from old iPhone to new iPhone at one go. All your apps, app data/files, game saves, and even WhatsApp/LINE chats can be transferred seamlessly. You don’t have to install apps manually and never worry about losing any important app data.

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Arrange Your iPhone Apps from A Larger Screen

Wanna go back to the old days when you can arrange iPhone apps pleasantly on the big screen of computer? AnyTrans fulfills your dream. You can batch move multiple apps and organize them into folders by simple drag and drop. Or let AnyTrans group apps smartly by category or color. You can even back up the app layouts you’ve ever arranged and change back in a quick click. Managing iPhone apps has become a breeze again.

Share App Files Between iDevice and Computer

As more and more of you are now working both on iPad and computer, AnyTrans makes it easy for you to start writing a document, editing a video, or reading a book on iPad, and finishing it on computer. You can transfer files of Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, GarageBand, Kindle and more apps from your iPhone/iPad to computer, and vice versa. Pick up right where you left off. Also, you can remove unneeded files from your iOS device to free up precious storage.

Go Get AnyTrans®

Meet any of your demands in managing iPhone, iPad, iPod, iCloud and iTunes content. AnyTrans lets you spend less time managing but more time enjoying your i-Life.

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