Keep Millions of Videos At Your Fingertips

AnyTrans gives you instant access to millions of videos and music from 900+ sites, whenever you want and wherever you are. It lets you freely download any movies, TV shows, or other videos, as well as music you like, and store them in your computer or Android phone/tablet. You'll be able to take your favorite media on the road and enjoy whatever you want – even when there's no Internet connection.

All Online Videos, Best Offline Viewing Experience

To give you the widest choice, AnyTrans covers YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and other 900+ sites. Now, you are able to download any videos you want – no matter it's a movie, TV show, or any interesting video clip. AnyTrans will smartly pick out the optimal resolution for each of them and download it with zero quality loss.

Enjoy Your Favorite Videos on The Go

Whether you want to download online videos to your computer or to your phone/tablet, AnyTrans is always up to it. All videos saved to mobiles will be automatically converted to an Android compatible format. So you can watch them smoothly on Android devices. Feel free to enjoy your favorite videos on a flight or underground, or whenever you want.

A Smarter Way to Download Online Videos

It's never been so efficient to download an online video. You just copy the URL, and AnyTrans handles all the rest. It smartly detects videos within each link, and promptly downloads them in batches. To save you more time, AnyTrans resumes interrupted downloads. You can continue from where the download stopped. No need to start over from the very beginning any more.

Also Take Your Music with You, Wherever You Go

More than videos, AnyTrans is also able to download online music to your computer, phone and tablet. As you've got all favorite songs in the palm of your hand, you will never miss a beat since then, wherever you go.

Download Apps to Android

AnyTrans also helps you bulk download, install and manage apps on your phone efficiently.

Manage Your Videos & Music

You can easily manage and transfer videos, music, photos and more media files.

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