How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android


No matter how many iPhone contacts you want to transfer to your Android phone, just read this post and get two free ways to easily make it.


Nov. 24, 2015


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There are a dozen new Android phones every year for you to choose from. So as an old iPhone user, you might be attracted by and have bought some new released Android mobile phone. However, no matter it is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC One M9 or some one else, there are something you have to think about, such as transferring contacts from iPhone to Android. And in this post, we are talking about this topic and offer you two free ways to easily make it.

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Method 1. Email - Transfer Specific Contacts from iPhone to Android

If you just want to transfer a few contacts to your new phone from an iPhone, you can email them one by one. In this method, you needn’t use computer. 

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone, go to Phone App > Contacts. 

Step 2. Choose one contact and share it with Email.

iPhone Contacts to Android with Email

iPhone Contacts to Android with Email

Step 3. Login Email on Android phone, download the v-Card and add it to contacts.

Method 2. iCloud and Google Contacts - Transfer Multiple or All of iPhone Contacts

Actually, there is no free way for you to directly and 1-Click transfer all iPhone contacts to Android. However, you can use iCloud to download iPhone contacts to computer, and then transfer them to new mobile Phone or use Google Contacts to sync them to your Android phone. 

Step 1. Download iPhone Contacts to Computer with iCloud help

Firstly, sync iPhone contacts to iCloud. Just unlock your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud, login you iCloud account and turn on Contacts sync. 

Sync iPhone Contacts to iCloud

Sync iPhone Contacts to iCloud

Secondly, login by using web browser on your computer, go to Contacts category, select and download iPhone contacts as v-Card to your computer.

Export iPhone Contacts to Computer with

Export iPhone Contacts to Computer with

Step 2. Transfer downloaded contacts to your Android.

You can connect your Android to computer, and transfer the VCF (v-Card) files to your device storage, and import these VCF contacts to your Android Contacts app. 

However, there are so many different Android phones, and the process to import v-Card to any of these phones should be a little different and specific to another. If you have added Google account to your Android phone, everything would goes easily - once you import VCF contacts from computer to your Google Contacts, all contacts will be automatically synced to your Android phone.

To import v-Card from computer to your Google Contacts, login on your computer, and import downloaded VCF file to Google Contacts. 

Import Contacts to iPhone Contacs or Gmail

Import Contacts to iPhone Contacs or Gmail

The Bottom Line

All of the two methods above are free, and can be used to transfer iPhone contacts to an Android phone. And any comments about how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android are welcomed. We will update this post if there are some other good ideas. 

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