Keep Your WhatsApp Chats within Reach

  • Easily transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without erasing device data
  • Preview, backup and restore WhatsApp/LINE/Viber with one click
  • Support all iOS versions and Android 5 or above
  • View and export WhatsApp backup to HTML
  • Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone

Pick Up Your Chats on New iPhone

When you get a new iPhone and transfer your WhatsApp account to it, your messages and files won’t come along. In this case, AnyTrans can help. Whether you're moving from an Android phone or old iPhone, you can migrate WhatsApp messages together with all photos, music, videos, and files sent and received, in just one click. Then, feel free to pick up your chats where you left off.

You can also transfer WhatsApp messages to Android device with AppTrans >

Why choose AnyTrans over Move to iOS?

Features Move to iOS AnyTrans
Supported WhatsApp Versions iOS version or above Android version or above All WhatsApp versions
Supported iOS System iOS 15.5 or above All iOS versions
Factory Reset
(overwriting device data)
Needed No factory reset
Backup & Restore WhatsApp Data Not supported Supported
Merge Android and iOS
Device WhatsApp data
Not supported Supported
Export WhatsApp Chats Not supported Supported
Success Rate Low success rate High success rate

One-Click Backup & Restore Solution

AnyTrans offers a complete backup and restore solution to put your WhatsApp data into safe box. All your conversations and attachments will be backed up securely. And you can fully restore them to iPhone when needed. All in one simple tap. Or, you can preview backup content, select wanted threads, and export them to computer as HTML files for printing or other use.

LINE and Viber Also Get Supported

More than just WhatsApp, AnyTrans supports LINE and Viber as well. It backs up your chat history and files, and enables you to restore them completely. Also, you can preview every item in the backup, and selectively export any thread you want to computer. When moving to a new iPhone, your old conversations come with you in a click.

Go Get AnyTrans®

Meet any of your demands in managing iPhone, iPad, iPod, iCloud and iTunes content. AnyTrans lets you spend less time managing but more time enjoying your i-Life.

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