How to Fix: Facebook News Feed Not Working

If your Facebook news feed is not working and you are not sure why, the following guide should teach you how you can resolve the issue and access Facebook without any issues on your devices. Read on to learn how.

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Yesterday, my newsfeed was not refreshing on my phone. It was showing up completely blank and I thought it was probably an issue with Facebook mobile. Today when I logged on to my work computer, I noticed the same thing. My Newsfeed is blank and nothing will load.

If you have found yourself in a situation as stated above, then the Facebook news feed is not working for you and you are unable to see the latest updates from your network. It is not only you who is facing the issue and there are a number of other Facebook users who have the same issue. Facebook often changes their system and as a result of their news feed sometimes stops working.

Facebook News Feed Not Working

Facebook News Feed Not Working

If you are unable to get the feed to work even after multiple attempts, you may want to dig deeper and find out what is causing the issue. It could be there is something that you are doing wrong on your device and that is causing the feed not to update. The following guide offers multiple methods to fix the Facebook feed not working issue on your devices.

How to Fix: Facebook News Feed Not Working [6 Solutions]

In this section of the guide, you are going to find out what you can do to make the Facebook feed work on your device. There are total six methods offered in the section to help you get rid of the issue and view the latest feed in your Facebook account.

Method 1. The Site is Down

The first thing you will want to verify is if the Facebook website is up or down. It may be the case that the entire Facebook network is down due to a technical error and so the news feed you are seeing in your browser is a cached one.

If this is the case, there really is not anything you can do except for wait for Facebook to bring their servers back up. You may want to wait for a few minutes or hours for the Facebook network to be restored. You can then refresh the site in your browser to access the latest feed.

Method 2. Configure News Feed Preferences

If you do not already know, Facebook offers you the option to customize how the news feed appears in your account. If you have changed any settings with regard to news feed, what you are seeing in your account may be the result of it.

To double-check, log-in to your Facebook account in a browser and click on the down arrow icon at the top and select News Feed Preferences. When the menu opens, adjust your settings so the new posts are always shown at the top. Save the settings when you are finished. Refresh the site and your feed will update without any issues.

Fix: Facebook News Feed Not Working - Adjust Facebook News Feed Settings

Fix: Facebook News Feed Not Working – Adjust Facebook News Feed Settings

Method 3. Update the Facebook App

If you are having issues with the news feed in the Facebook app for your device, you may want to check if an update for your app is available. Most newer updates fix the issues in the app on your device and let you have a bug-free experience on the platform.

Simply head over to either Apple App Store or Google Play Store and get your app updated to the latest version available. It should likely fix the news feed issue you are currently facing on your device.

Method 4. Clear Data and Cache of the App

It could be the Facebook app on your device has collected a large number of cache files that are now causing the issue. If that is the case, you can clear the app data and cache files from your device with a few taps.

On an Android device, open the Settings app and tap on Apps. Select Application List, tap on Facebook, tap on Storage, and tap on both Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons one by one. It should clear the existing app files from your device and give you a fresh start with the app.

Fix: Facebook News Feed Not Working - Clear Facebook App Data

Fix: Facebook News Feed Not Working – Clear Facebook App Data

Method 5. Reinstall the App

If clearing the app data did not fix your news feed issue, you may reinstall the Facebook app on your device. This will fully clean your device of any app files and bring in new files from the app store.

To do it, uninstall the Facebook app from your device. Then, head over to your app store and download and install the app again on your device. The new app should likely fix the news feed issue on your device.

Method 6. Disable Browser Extensions

If you have installed any extensions in your browser, they may be affecting your Facebook experience. There are some extensions that limit as to what these social media sites can show you.

If you have installed such an extension, disable or remove it completely from your browser and then see if the Facebook news feed works as it should for you.

How to Backup Facebook to Computer

If you have got a lot of Facebook data on your device and you do not wish to risk losing anything as a result of any of the fixing method, you may want to create a backup of your Facebook messages and photos on your computer.

Enter AnyTrans, an app that enables you to backup Facebook messages as well as photos to your computer with the click of a few buttons. All you basically need to do is choose the type of content you want to backup and the app will take care of the rest for you. The following are some of the reasons why it is advised to use AnyTrans to do the task:

  • Transfer all the Facebook content at once from your device.
  • Selectively transfer your Facebook data from your device.
  • Safe and secure transmission of your files.
  • Retain the quality of transferred photos.

If you think it makes sense for you to use the AnyTrans app to backup Facebook to your computer, the following is how you do it.

Step 1 Free Download AnyTrans on your computer. Launch the app and connect your device to your computer.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2 Click Device Manager Tab on Homepage of AnyTrans > Click Content to Mac button or choose a category of data you want to transfer.

Go to Device Manager and Click More Button

Go to Device Manager and Click More Button

Step 3 Then you can pick up the data you want to transfer, here we take photos as an example > Click Down Arrow button to start the transfer.

Choose Photos and Click Send to Mac

Choose Photos and Click Send to Mac

You are all set. A safe and secure backup of your Facebook content has been successfully created on your computer. You may now play with the Facebook content however you want on your device knowing your precious photos are saved on your computer.

The Bottom Line

Whether your Facebook news feed is not updating or the feed is not working at all, the above guide should fix the issue for you so you can view the latest updates in your Facebook account. We hope the guide helps you out.

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