5 Ways to View iPhone Text Messages on PC/Mac Computer

In this article, you will learn every secret on the syncing message between iPhone and computer, including how to view and get iPhone messages on PC/Mac, how to view messages without a phone and how to receive/reply message in Mac and Windows 10 in real-time.

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 11, 2023
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Can I Get iPhone Messages on My Windows?

Hello, I heard that it’s possible to access and view iPhone text messages on PC so I tried many methods to view iPhone messages on computer but failed, please help! Help suggest a way that I can access and read iPhone messages on PC and print text messages on the iPhone! Thanks!

Using the iPhone to receive text messages is already an everyday occurrence for us. But if you are frequently disturbed by text messages on your iPhone while you are working, you may be wondering how to view iPhone messages on PC/Mac. Or what to do when messages take up too much space and you can’t manage and find the text messages you want fast enough. In this article, we’ll give you all tips on how to view iPhone messages on computer, view messages without phone and much more info!

How to View and Get iPhone Messages on PC/Mac

As mentioned earlier, if your iPhone already has too many messages/iMessages, even so many that you no longer want to click to check them. At the same time, they are taking up a lot of your phone’s memory, so what is the easiest and quickest way to solve this problem. In this situation, we highly recommend you AnyTrans. It is a comprehensive iOS management software that helps you get rid of the hassle of managing text messages.

With AnyTrans, firstly, you can back up your text messages to your computer so that you can delete things from your iPhone and free up more phone memory. Secondly, you can also use the search function to see the text messages you’re interested in. Not to mention the many other features such as printing out text messages, transferring text messages between your computer and iPhone, deleting text messages and much more!

Now, Free Download AnyTrans on your computer, and then follow the steps below to view and get iPhone messages on PC or Mac.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Part 1. How to View Message/iMessage on PC/Mac

Step 1. Open AnyTrans and connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable > Click on “Device Manager” > Choose the “Messages” tab.

Choose Messages Tab

Choose Messages Tab

Step 2. Now you can view your iPhone messages from a computer with AnyTrans. You can also select messages to export to the computer in (.text/.pdf/.html).

Save iPhone Text Messages to PC/Mac

Save iPhone Text Messages to PC/Mac

Part 2. How to Search Message on PC/Mac

Unlike using your iPhone to search for SMS messages, AnyTrans will only show you all messages related to the keyword you have entered, making it easy for you to view them.

Step 1. After doing step 1 above, you will see a search box under the message category. Just enter a keyword and AnyTrans will automatically find all messages containing this keyword for you.

How to Search Message in AnyTrans with Any Keywords

How to Search Message in AnyTrans with Any Keywords

Part 3. How to Print Message on PC/Mac

Whether you want to print off a text message for court or want to keep it as a souvenir, AnyTrans has you covered.

Step 1. You can see a Print button under Message category. Just select any messages you want to print them.

Print iPhone Messages with AnyTrans

Print iPhone Messages with AnyTrans

View Messages without iPhone

When your phone has been stolen or is no longer working, or if you want to check your previous text messages after deleting, at this time, if you have an iTunes backup, you’re in luck! But unfortunately, you can’t directly view messages from your backup on the computer. This is where you need the help of backup extraction software. Here, AnyTrans allows you to check and view iPhone text messages from your iTunes backup without iPhone. Free Download AnyTrans and follow the steps below:

Step 1. To access iPhone text messages, open AnyTrans on your computer and connect your iPhone > Click the “Backup Manager” > Click on Backup History > Open the iTunes backup that includes your iPhone messages > Click on Messages.

Get Messages from iTunes Backup to Computer

Get Messages from iTunes Backup to Computer

Step 2. Then all your iTunes backup files will show up > Click “Messages” > Now you can view your iPhone text messages from the computer > Click “Send To Computer” button to save the text messages to your computer.

View iPhone Text Messages on Mac [Real-Time]

If you don’t want to use your phone as often as you want to check your text messages at work, and want to check them directly on your computer, this is a breeze for mac users! Check the steps to view iPhone messages on Mac by using iCloud account:

Step 1. To access iPhone text messages on PC or Mac, you should ensure that you’re logged in to the same Apple ID on both your iPhone and Mac. Go to the Settings app on iPhone > Messages > Text Message Forwarding > Toggle it on after your Mac’s name.

Enable Text Message Forwarding with Mac

Enable Text Message Forwarding with Mac

Step 2. Enable iCloud Messages on your iPhone and Mac, after that all of your iPhone messages, SMS will sync to and from your Mac and iPhone.

  • On iPhone: Go to Settings > iCloud account > iCloud > Turn on Messages.
  • On your Mac: Log in the same Apple ID > Go to Preference > Settings > iMessage > Enable Messages in iCloud.
Enable iCloud Messages on Mac

Enable iCloud Messages on Mac

Step 3. After that, you can get iPhone messages on your Mac, and send & receive messages.

Check the Messages on Mac

Check the Messages on Mac

How to View iMessage on Windows PC?

Unlike on a Mac, there is no iMessage app on Windows PC. So how to get iPhone text messages on Windows 10 in real-time. Well, it is a little bit complicated. Here are basically two ways to try :

Method 1. For users who both have Mac and Windows computer.

  • Open Message sync on iCloud in iPhone.
  • Complete the setup on the mac as in method 3 and install Chrome Desktop Extension on your Mac.
  • Install Chrome Desktop Extension on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Back to Mac computer, in the Chrome Remote Desktop web app on your MacBook, click + Generate Code under the Share This Screen tab. You’ll get a code that’s valid for five minutes.
  • Back to Web application on your Windows 10 computer and look for the “Connect to another computer” section. Under it, enter the access code generated on your MacBook and press Connect.
  • There will then be a small box at the bottom of the Mac screen that says your desktop is currently shared to (your email address) and a stop sharing button. You can now receive/respond to text messages on your iPhone in real time from your Windows 10 computer.

Method 2. If you don’t have a Mac computer, you may need to jailbreak your iPhone with Cydia and use Remote Messages App in Cydia like Remote Messages, which costs $4 from the BigBoss repo.

What to Do If Messages Not Syncing?


  1. First and most important step: Make sure you are using the same Apple ID on your Mac and your iPhone.
  2. If you have a lot of messages, it may take some time for iCloud to sync. You can also delete some unwanted messages from your iPhone or check which media files in Messages take most of your storage and delete them: Go to iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages > Find and delete the media files.
  3. Try turning off Text Message Forwarding on your iPhone and then turn it on again. Make sure you’ve enabled your Mac.
  4. Make sure that your iPhone and Mac are connected to a stable Wi-Fi or cellular. Try turning off your Wi-Fi or cellular and turn it on again.
  5. Last, try resetting your network settings on your iPhone: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. After that, you will need to input the Wi-Fi password.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, AnyTrans can help you view and get iPhone messages on PC or Mac computer without iTunes restore. It’s the best tool to manage your iPhone message and other types of iOS data. Just give it a try by yourself! If you have any doubts about this guide or AnyTrans, contact us by email or leave a comment in the below section.

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Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

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