[Full Guide] How to Activate iPad without Apple ID and Password

Are you having trouble activating your iPad because you can’t sign in to its Apple ID? In this article below, you can learn about how to activate your iPad without Apple ID and password.

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As a security measure that Apple takes, Apple ID sign-in is a very helpful verification process. It prevents others from accessing our information or using our devices. However, this sign-in requirement can be troublesome sometimes. Either you are using a second-hand iPad received from a family or friend, or you simply forget your Apple ID password, it’s annoying when you can’t sign in to your Apple ID and thus can’t activate your iPad.

If the above case is happening to you, you are in the right place! This article will teach you how to activate an iPad without Apple ID and password and answer a few questions you may have related to this topic.

Now, let’s go through them together so that you can enjoy your iPad!

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How to Activate iPad without Apple ID and Password

There are two different scenarios about activating an iPad without Apple ID and password. Depending on whether you are using a second-hand iPad or simply forgetting the Apple ID password for your own iPad, you can take different approaches to gain access to the device. Let’s discuss them one by one.

For your own iPad if you forget the Password

The easiest way to regain access to your own Apple ID when you forget the password is to reset it during the sign-in process. When you have access to another Apple device, such as a Mac or an iPhone, you will receive a password-reset notification on it. You can follow the steps on the notification to reset your Apple ID password. Please see details below:

  1. Go to the iCloud website.
  2. Click “Forgot Apple ID or password?”
  3. Enter your Apple ID which is used for your iPad and then click “Continue.”
  4. Enter your phone number related to the Apple ID and then click “Continue.”

    Click on “Forgot Apple ID or password?

    Click on “Forgot Apple ID or password?”

  5. You will receive a notification to “Reset Password” on the phone, for which the number is entered in the previous step. Click “Allow.”
  6. Enter your iPhone password when prompted.
  7. Enter a new password for your Apple ID and verify it.

    Reset Apple ID Password When You Forget It

    Reset Apple ID Password When You Forget It

If you can’t successfully create a new password for your Apple ID, you can also contact Apple Support for additional help.

For the Second-hand iPad

In another scenario, you may be using a second-hand iPad, but the previous owner may have forgotten to reset it or remove the Apple ID from it. In this case, you can choose to ask the previous owner to remotely remove content on the iPad or use an Apple ID removal tool, AnyUnlock, to unlock your iPad without Apple ID or password.

Here’s how to remotely erase content on the iPad and remove it from an account:

  1. For the previous owner, sign in to the iCloud account.
  2. Click “Find iPhone”.
  3. Click “All Devices” to see a list of all your devices associated with this iCloud account. Select the iPad.
  4. Click “Erase iPad”.

    Remotely Remove the iPad through iCloud

    Remotely Remove the iPad through iCloud

  5. When the erase is complete, click “Remove from Account”.

Now, the iPad should be removed from the previous owner’s account.

Please note that the above steps involve erasing all data and settings on the iPad. They cannot be recovered without a previous backup.

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Activate iPad without Apple ID and Password by AnyUnlock

For the Second-hand iPad, another method is to use AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker to unlock the Apple ID on your iPad, with no password. As a powerful iPhone password unlock tool, AnyUnlock can help you remove the locked Apple ID without a phone number. It also can unlock the Apple ID without security questions. There are main features of AnyUnlock:

AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker

  • Remove locked Apple ID on your iPad/iPhone easily.
  • Unlock the Screen passcode, include numeric code, Touch ID/Face ID.
  • Get back or just remove iTunes backup passwords.
  • Manage passwords you own on your iPhone/iPad.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

If you want to try this reliable unlock tool to remove Apple ID, you can follow the steps below to fix your issue:

Step 1. On your computer, download and install AnyUnlock > Launch it >When launched, the interface will be displayed as below > Click Unlock Apple ID option from the homepage.

Click Unlock Apple ID from the Homepage

Click Unlock Apple ID from the Homepage

Step 2. Connect your iPad to the computer. On your iPad, tap “Trust” when prompted if you have not done so before to trust your computer. Once your iOS device is detected, the interface below will display. Then tap Unlock Now button.

Click Unlock Now Button

Click Unlock Now Button

Step 3. Next, AnyUnlock will remove Apple ID automatically. Please do not disconnect your device until it restarts. Meanwhile, please don’t exit AnyUnlock during the process.

AnyUnlock is Removing Apple ID

AnyUnlock is Removing Apple ID

Step 4. And when the removing process is completed, you will see the interface as below. 

Apple ID Removed Successfully

Apple ID Removed Successfully

Also, please do not use iTunes to erase all content and settings on your iPad or restore it. By doing so, you will be required to use the original Apple ID to activate your iPad after a restart and AnyUnlock cannot remove the Apple ID again.

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What to do before selling or giving away your iPad/iPhone?

By now, you should already realize the importance of removing your Apple ID before selling or giving away your Apple devices. This simple action makes it a lot more convenient for whoever receives your device to set it up.

What should I pay attention to before buying a second-hand iPad/iPhone?

Similarly, you should also double-check whether the seller has removed his or her Apple ID before buying a second-hand Apple device. This process saves you from the trouble of trying to remove the Apple ID yourself and lets you enjoy the Apple device much more easily.

Can you delete Apple ID without a password?

The answer is yes. There is a lot of software, such as AnyUnlock, designed to help you with Apple ID removal. However, Apple ID sign-in is a very important procedure that Apple uses to protect your device. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you remember your Apple ID and password and set up your device using them.


With the above methods, you should be able to activate your iPad and enjoy it without an Apple ID or password! If you still have any relevant problems with it, please feel free to comment below. We’ll do our best to help you with your Apple device!

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