How to Access A Locked Android Phone via USB from PC/Mac

Want to access a locked Android phone via USB from computer but don’t know how? Take it easy, this guide will show you the detailed steps of accessing locked Android from PC or Mac.

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: May. 06, 2022

When you forget the lock password or lock pattern of your Android phone, you’re not allowed to use your Android device anymore. All of your important data like messages, photos, songs, movies, and more are out of reach.

Being locked screen of your own phone is indeed depressed. You may wonder “Can I access my Android phone by USB from my computer?”. In this post, we listed 2 easy ways to show you how to unlock an Android phone from a PC. You can unlock any phone password with PC and format locked Android phone with PC. Keep on reading to figure them out.

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Way No.1 – Access Locked Android Phone from PC with Ease

What to do if you forgot the lock password to lock the pattern of your Android phone? Don’t worry, DroidKit provides you the Android phone unlocking tool to help you remove any type of screen lock on your phone, without entering the password. And then, you can thus fully access your locked Android phone again in minutes.

Besides, DroidKit is a complete Android solution that allows you to flash Samsung with easy steps, recover lost phone data, and access phone files on PC by restoring, etc. What can DroidKit do for you:

DroidKit – Unlock Android Phone from PC

  • Unlock any phone password, pattern, PIN, fingerprint, etc. with PC.
  • The locked screen will be formatted after unlocking.
  • Supports Windows PC or Mac laptop.
  • No need to root your device first and no technical skills are needed.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Now, you can follow the steps below to unlock Android phone from PC:

Step 1. Free download DroidKit on Windows or Mac computer and launch it > Choose the Screen Unlocker mode.

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Choose Screen Unlocker Function

Step 2. Connect your locked Android phone via USB and click the Start button.

Connect your Locked Phone

Connect your Locked Phone

Step 3. Wait for DroidKit to prepare the configuration file for your Android device > Once the preparation is completed, the below interface will be displayed, just tap on Remove Now.

Note: Once your lock screen removal is completed, it will also format locked Android phones.

Click Remove Now Button

Click Remove Now Button

Step 4. Select your device brand to confirm. Here we take Samsung device as an example.

Confirm your Device Brand and Continue

Confirm your Device Brand and Continue

Step 5. Follow the instruction to put your device in Recovery mode and Wipe Cache partition on your phone. After that, it will start to remove the Android screen lock. Please keep patient.

Confirm Locked Device Brand and Continue

Unlock Screen – Enter Recovery Mode

Step 6. After the removal screen lock process completes, you can access your Android device without entering any password. And it helps you reset your Android phone even when locked using computer.

Lock Screen Removal Completed

Lock Screen Removal Completed

How to Access Phone Files on PC without Unlocking?

As mentioned earlier, DroidKit also enables you to access phone files on PC without unlocking phone. As you can see below, you can choose to extract data from your Google account, SIM card, or even from a broken Samsung device. If you want to copy data from a locked Android to PC without unlocking, free download DroidKit to try now.

Retrieve Data from Google Account

Retrieve Data from Google Account

Way No. 2 – A Hard Reset Will Eliminate the Lock on Android Phones

Before this started, you need to be aware Hard Reset locked phone would wipe all your data. If the data loss won’t bother you that much, please keep on reading and check it out.

Step 1. Turn Off Android

You need to turn off your Android phone in the first place.

Step 2. Enter Recovery Mode

Now you can press and hold the Volume up(or Volume down) button, the power, and the home button. When you see any options popping up on your screen, you can let them go.

Step 3. Select Factory Reset

Use the Volume down button to navigate and tap on the Power button to select. Head to the wipe data/factory reset option on the screen, and confirm to wipe all the data. After a while, your Android device would be erased.

Step 4. Reboot Android System

Now the phone will list some other options. Use the Volume down key to navigate to the Reboot system now option and click on the Power button to select.

Step 5. Lock Screen Reset

All you need to do is wait for a while. Once the system completed the Reboot process, the Android device will power it off.

Now you can turn on your Android phone and reset the lock screen. Now you will get a totally new phone.

Considering so many android phone brands are out of there, this method only applies to most Android phones, not every Android phone. So if it couldn’t work out on your android phone, you need to check out Google.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to access a locked Android phone via USB from a PC. Here we recommend DroidKit as your top 1 choice to access a locked Android phone via USB, which supports Windows PC or Mac computer, quite a labor-saving master, and unlock any Android phone with simple steps. Download it to have a try.

DroidKit – Unlock Any Phone Password with PC

No matter forgot the password, pattern lock, pin code, or fingerprint, DroidKit can reset and help you access locked phone on your computer. So you can unlock any phone password from a PC (Windows PC and Mac are supported). Besides, if you need to bypass FRP lock, DroidKit can also help you out.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

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