6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Download PhoneRescue Crack Versions

Plan to download a PhoneRescue crack version to save lost iOS or Android data? In fact, things may not go as you expect. Check the possible harms now.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Jan. 20, 2021

Guess you have read some of our PhoneRescue guides about various lost mobile data recovery and learned about that PhoneRescue does really work for all kinds of mobile data losing situations. However, you maybe have a little hesitation for its price and plan to give a trial with some PhoneRescue crack versions.

Firstly, they are unofficial and illegal. Secondly, are those PhoneRescue crack versions really helpful? Without harms? Definitely Not. In this post, we will show you every detail about PhoneRescue crack versions, explaining why you should not download them. Keep reading and learn more.

PhoneRescue for iOS

PhoneRescue for iOS

6 Harms PhoneRescue CRACK Versions Will Bring to You

Sure, PhoneRescue is safe while the crack ones are not. Here we list the most 6 harms our users often encountered.

1. PhoneRescue Crack Versions Not Upgrading

For any official software, developers will upgrade it every other some period, adding new features, fixing some bugs, or coping with some changes, and so on. But PhoneRescue crack versions will never upgrade. If you can’t update it, you will soon find it is lagging behind, even fall out of date from your devices.

2. PhoneRescue Crack Versions No Official Support

During using any type of software, official or cracked, there could happen some errors. But the difference is that with the PhoneRescue official version, you can send the log to our support team to help you out when errors happen. While on PhoneRescue crack versions, if there is a problem happening, you won’t have anyone to turn to.

3. PhoneRescue Crack Versions Probably with Virus/Trojan

Without data security guaranteed, you never know what you have downloaded in those crack PhoneRescue versions. Because it is an old but shame trick to seed virus in crack software, stealing your personal information, damaging your PC/Mac or mobile devices, or more serious effects. Are you really want to take such high risk to download those unknown PhoneRescue crack versions?

4. PhoneRescue Crack Versions Not Clean

Besides viruses, another trap is that many crack applications are not clean. They maybe come with various spam advertisement, or extensions installing on your browsers or somewhere else forcibly, or putting some third-party applications on your PC or Mac computer without your knowledge, or more.

5. PhoneRescue Crack Versions Are Illegal

We all know that any crack or pirated software is illegal. There are more cases, especially in the US and the UK, where people are finding lawyers or police fighting against them. And every one of us should bear the responsibility to protect intellectual property and official software.

You may not 100% believe the words that we have said above. So here we find a true case, proving that the crack versions could be with a virus.

 URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxBzr-qq14w The link at this YouTube page definitely contains a virus. So please don’t click on it. And the comments below can prove that.

A True Case Showing PhoneRescue Crack Versions Cloud Be with Virus

A True Case Showing PhoneRescue Crack Versions Cloud Be with Virus

Stay far away from the crack versions, and only trust official PhoneRescue.

6. PhoneRescue Crack Versions Not Friendly to Developers

Mostly It takes months, or years of dedicated work from the team of developers to create powerful software. But now, there are various cracked versions of the software available online. It will take away or kill team motivation to make it better. And users will not get more convenience from it. We do believe that all users don’t want to see that. So from now on, give up crack versions.

We believe that you can clearly figure out how dangerous PhoneRescue crack versions are now. For better comparison, we also list 4 reasons why you should give a trial with the official PhoneRescue, in the following.

PhoneRescue for Android

PhoneRescue for Android

Why You Should Try Official PhoneRescue

Well, this is quite easy to answer as the 6 issues listed above. But it is still necessary to make a clear explanation of why you should use an official PhoneRescue.

Reason 1. You Can Get Free Life-Time Upgrading

As you get the official PhoneRescue, iMobie team promises you a free life-time upgrading service. You have no need to worry about PhoneRescue unavailable, because of some bugs, iOS upgrading, or changing the latest iDevices, like iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8 (Plus), or more.

Reason 2. 24/7/365 Customer Service Is Always by Your Side

PhoneRescue provides you with 24/7/365 customer service. If you run into some problems using PhoneRescue, you can get help and technical support at any time. We also guarantee you refunding by 60 days – as long as PhoneRescue cannot find what you want you can ask your money back.

Get PhoneRescue for iOS Now>

Get PhoneRescue for Android Now>

Reason 3. PhoneRescue Is Safe and Clean

Unlike crack versions, official PhoneRescue is definitely safe and clean, and 100% protects your personal information. PhoneRescue has been known as a safe and stable software for a long time. The world-class certification authority – Norton has certified it to 100% guarantee that PhoneRescue is totally free from viruses. Besides, Norton authentication also means the website 100% clean, without any advertisement, spyware, malware, virus.

Besides, all online orders and payments are protected by McAfee SECURE. All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured. There is no personal information leaking, and credit card information would be 100% safe.

PhoneRescue gets various permissions and certifications internationally, which are the powerful evidence that PhoneRescue is safe.

International Certifications

International Certifications

Reason 4. PhoneRescue Guarantees 60-day Money-Back Policy

PhoneRescue provides you with a 60-day refunding guarantee. If PhoneRescue fails to retrieve your lost mobile data, you can ask for a refund at any time. Probably downloading PhoneRescue crack versions is not what you meant to do. You are just not OK with the price. So thanks for your trust in PhoneRescue, and we recommend you follow our latest PhoneRescue discount news to get iMobie official discount, coupon codes, and giveaway for PhoneRescue products, including PhoneRescue for iOS and PhoneRescue for Android.

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The Bottom Line

From the words above, you can easily find out that PhoneRescue crack downloading is not a wise choice. For your data security, and better customer service, we sincerely recommend you give a trial with the official PhoneRescue for iOS & Android, to easily and quickly get back what you want.

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