Everything You Need to Know about AnyTrans Crack Versions

Notice that some AnyTrans crack versions for Mac/Windows are available and plan to get one? Before you download and use the AnyTrans crack versions, you must know the potential harms of them and actually the AnyTrans official version can do more.

[Last Update: Dec 08, 2017]

Growing numbers of iOS users are looking for iTunes alternatives due to the non-intuitive design and some unfriendly features and functions of iTunes. For example, some complain the time consumption of transferring music with iTunes, and some others expect a more intuitive alternative to manage music and movie libraries.

Among all the iTunes alternatives in market, iMobie AnyTrans is an incredibly good one, managing your iPhone, iPad, iPod, even iTunes and iCloud content in a smarter and simpler way.

We recently observed there are plenty of users searching for AnyTrans crack online out of limited budget or just curiosity. The post here introduces the differences between AnyTrans crack and official versions. Read to learn more details and know how to get the AnyTrans official version.

Part 1. What is AnyTrans Part 2. What Are the Differences Between AnyTrans Crack and Official Versions Part 3: How to Get AnyTrans Official Version

Part 1. What is AnyTrans

Compatible with the entire range of iOS devices, AnyTrans is a comprehensive file management program that enables you to back up files to iTunes, transfer files between devices, between device and computer, view and manage your iTunes or iCloud backup files, etc.

AnyTrans Crack – What Is AnyTrans

AnyTrans Crack – What Is AnyTrans

Have a check on the highlights of AnyTrans below.

1. Backup iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Backup iDevice Data to Computer – Instead of a full backup created by iTunes, AnyTrans can selectively back up iOS data to computer in totally viewable formats. Now Air Backup feature is added, which enables you to backup iOS data via Wi-Fi. Once your iOS device and computer are connected under the same Wi-Fi, data on your iOS device would be automatically backed up on time.

Backup iDevice Data to iTunes – If you prefer a full backup, AnyTrans can help you create an extra iTunes backup in a faster speed.

Backup iDevice Media Data to iTunes Library – iTunes can only add purchased songs to iTunes Library. With AnyTrans, you can transfer both purchased and non-purchased songs or any other data to iTunes library for backup.

2. Extract Data from iTunes/iCloud Backup

AnyTrans allows you to view data in iTunes/iCloud backup and then download them to your computer. If you need some data in iTunes/iCloud backup to be on your iDevice, you can even transfer them to iDevice with AnyTrans.

3. Transfer Data from Android/iDevice to iDevice

Transfer Data from iDevice to iDevice – With AnyTrans, you can directly transfer all your data from iDevice to iDevice. Statistics show that AnyTrans supported 22+ kinds of data. And we promise you the greatest stability while transferring.

Transfer Data from Android to iDevice – For users who don’t like the Move to iOS tool, the new Android to iDevice transfer function enables you to transfer data from Android to iDevice for free with greater stabilities and faster speed.

4. Add Content to iDevice from Computer, iTunes and External Hard Drive

No matter it is music, contacts in VCF or photos that you want to add to iDevice from computer, AnyTrans can help you all. Note that data in iTunes Library and external hard drive can also be added to iDevice.

5. Manage iCloud Data

After logging in your iCloud account, you can view all data in iCloud, including data in iCloud backup and then download them to computer, transfer them to another iCloud account and add contents from computer to iCloud.

6. Download Media

Now AnyTrans can help you download videos of any formats from 900+ video websites. Paste the URL to the blank square first and then clicking Download button, you can have your favorite videos on your iDevice or computer.

Part 2. What Are the Differences Between AnyTrans Crack and Official Versions

• Harms of AnyTrans Crack Versions

• Guarantees from AnyTrans Developer – iMobie

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Apple Certified Developer

Apple Certified Developer

Site Authentication with Norton (One Most Recognized Internet Trustmark)

Site Authentication with Norton

100% Clean

100% Clean

BBB Accredited Businesses

BBB Accredited Businesses

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Part 3. How to Get AnyTrans Official Version

As you can see, the genuine AnyTrans actually can do much more than the AnyTrans crack versions. The only way to get AnyTrans official version is to download it from AnyTrans official website and activate it with license code. Considering that you are in need of AnyTrans but limited by the budget, we here offer you a $10 discount, which is available within 3 days!

The Bottom Line

Now you know the potential harms of AnyTrans crack and advantages of AnyTrans official version. Obviously, choosing the genuine version is a much wiser decision. Go and get AnyTrans official version now >

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