All You Want to Know about iMobie AnyTrans Free License Code

Have already downloaded AnyTrans on your PC/Mac but need an activation code? Check this guide and get to know everything about AnyTrans license code.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Aug. 31, 2020

As is known to all, iOS is developed to be a relatively closed system. While its closeness protects iOS devices like iPhone iPad iPod from viruses, its closeness also brings much inconvenience, for example, transferring data between iOS devices and computers directly is not supported.

Apple developed iTunes and iCloud to overcome those shortcomings, but these two services can’t meet all people’s needs according to many users’ feedback. Below are some dilemmas you might encounter while using iTunes/iCloud.

Dilemmas You May Encounter While Using iTunes

  • It is difficult to operate iTunes. All the icons and options on iTunes really confuse many fresh hands.
  • Basically, iTunes can only sync data from computer to your iOS devices, you can barely transfer data from iDevice to PC/Mac computer.
  • Data loss might occur while syncing data from computer to iPhone.
  • Tedious iTunes errors never give users a break.

Dilemmas You May Encounter While Using iCloud

  • iCloud is highly dependent on the Internet. You can basically do nothing with iCloud if there is no Internet connection.
  • Your data in iCloud is not really that safe. Someone could access your data with the password.
  • There are so many types of data that iCloud does not support.

Under this circumstance, AnyTrans is there for you. It is a powerful iOS data management tool that aims at building a bridge among iOS devices, computer, iTunes and iCloud. However, you might have known that you need a license code to be able to activate it.

Here in this post, we will first talk about what AnyTrans can do for you, then everything you need to know about AnyTrans free license code. Do keep reading and get more.

AnyTrans - Let Your Data Flow Freely Among iDevice, Computer, iTunes and iCloud

AnyTrans – Let Your Data Flow Freely Among iDevice, Computer, iTunes and iCloud

Part 1. What Can AnyTrans Do For You

Here are the top features of AnyTrans. Check them one by one just in case there is something you don’t know. And you can get it downloaded to your computer and have a Free Trial to try these outstanding features.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

1 > Backup Your iPhone iPad iPod touch

There are many places in which we might want to store iOS data, like computers, iTunes, iTunes libraries. Let’s get to know how AnyTrans can help.

Backup iPhone iPad iPod touch Data to Computer

Those who frequently backups iPhone iPad iPod touch may find computer can easily run out of storage, that is because iTunes can only create a full backup instead of selectively backing up iOS data. In this case, AnyTrans is helpful, you can selectively back up iOS data to a computer in any formats you like. Besides, AnyTrans also allows you to select the export path and store iOS data in a favorable place on your computer.

Backup iPhone iPad iPod touch Data to iTunes

If you insist on creating iTunes backups, AnyTrans can also do you a favor. With USB cables, AnyTrans can create an iTunes backup at a super-fast speed. More exciting thing is that the Air Backup feature is added, which enables you to backup iOS data via Wi-Fi. Once your iOS device and computer are connected under the same Wi-Fi, data on your iOS device would be automatically backed up at the time you selected.

Backup Media Data on iDevice to iTunes Library

One of the most annoying things about iTunes is that you can only add purchased songs to iTunes Library. We should be able to backup media data, even if it is non-purchased, right? Get AnyTrans and this problem is fixed. AnyTrans can help you transfer songs or any other data to iTunes library for backup.

2 > Extract Data from iTunes/iCloud Backup

While restoring from iTunes/iCloud backup, you can only restore your iDevice from a whole backup. If you are attempting to get back lost data by restoring iDevice from a backup, then we must remind you this can cause further data loss.

AnyTrans can help you view data from iTunes/iCloud backup and then download them to your computer. If you need some data in iTunes/iCloud backup to be on your iDevice, you can even transfer them to iDevice with AnyTrans.

3 > Android/iDevice to iDevice Transfer

Switching to a new iPhone is awesome, but it is hard to transfer data from old iPhone to the new iPhone, especially you were an Android user.

Migrate iDevice to iDevice

Traditionally, if you just got one a new iPhone, you can only backup your old iDevice first, then restore the new iPhone with the previous backup. Thanks to AnyTrans, you can directly transfer all your data from iDevice to iDevice. Statistics show that AnyTrans supported 22+ kinds of data, to name a few, contacts, messages, photos. You will never worry about any data are left behind while transferring data from old iDevice to new iDevice with AnyTrans. We guarantee you the greatest stability while transferring.

Migrate Android to iPhone

Android to iPhone transfer can be accomplished by Move to iOS app developed by Apple Inc. However, many users complain that only very limited types of data are supported by Move to iOS. To help more people, we developed Android to the iPhone transfer function, which enables people to transfer data from Android to iPhone with greater stabilities and faster speed.

4 > Add Content to iDevice from Computer, iTunes and External Hard Drive

AnyTrans can help you transfer iOS data from iDevice to computer, and surely it can do the opposite for you. No matter it is music, contacts in VCF, or photos that you want to add to iDevice from computer, AnyTrans can help you all. Note that data in iTunes Library and the external hard drive can also be added to iDevice.

5 > iCloud Data Management

This is a free function in AnyTrans. After logging in your iCloud account, you can view all data in iCloud, including data in iCloud backup and then download them to computer, transfer them to another iCloud account and add contents from computer to iCloud.

6 > Media Download

Except for managing iOS data, we also dedicate to provide users with better video downloading experience. At present, AnyTrans can help you download videos of any formats from 900+ video websites. It is also quite easy to download videos online, pasting the URL to the blank square first and then clicking the Download button, you can have your favorite videos on your iDevice or computer.

AnyTrans Overview

AnyTrans Overview

Part 2. The truth about AnyTrans Free License Code and AnyTrans Crack Online

It is hard to admit but nearly all AnyTrans free license codes online are invalid for they have already been activated on other computers.

There are three types of AnyTrans license code, they are Single License, Family License, and Business License respectively. According to statistics, what 90% of AnyTrans users got are single licenses which can only be used in one computer. The AnyTrans free license codes you can get online have been activated on another computer, when you input these license code, you will get a message of “license code invalid”.

As for AnyTrans crack online, please don’t try them at all! They might be a virus or with a virus. For more reasons, please refer to the Reasons Why You Should Not Try AnyTrans Crack >

Part 3. Why You Need A License Code to Be Able to Use AnyTrans

Some of you might have a limited budget or believe AnyTrans costs, that is why you are finding everywhere to get an AnyTrans free license code. We appreciate it that you can use AnyTrans, that is a great encouragement. However, we spend so many years developing and improving the performance of AnyTrans, in the future, we will be also working as hard as we did before to make further improvements, which could be a huge burden for us. We are thankful for your kind understanding. Please do keep reading and there is a surprise at the end of the article.

Part 4. Why You Should Get Your Own AnyTrans License Code

As mentioned above, all AnyTrans free license code is invalid online. Why not check here and see the reasons why you should get your own AnyTrans serial code.

1 > Highest Cost-Efficiency

We have talked about all-powerful functions of AnyTrans and it indeed can help you a lot. Comparing with other iOS transfer software on market intermingling with good and bad, AnyTrans is surely the best choice to make.

2 > Best Customer Service

iMobie team always takes customer satisfaction first. Here is what we can offer.

  • 24/7/365 Customer Service. If you are encountering any issues with AnyTrans, we are always there. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to solve your problem.
  • 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. This is probably the longest you can have. If you failed to transfer data with AnyTrans, you can apply for a refund within 60 days starting from the purchase day.

2 > Constant Upgrade

It is true that AnyTrans wins much admiration, but we are still dedicating to improve its performance and bring more new features to you. With a license code of your own, you can always upgrade to the latest version for free and enjoy the newest features.

3 > The Best Offer

Now, it is time to show you the surprise. Please talk to our customer service via the live chat on your down right corner, they will give you a link which enables you to cost less to get an AnyTrans license code.

AnyTrans – Full-way iOS Data Manager

Free download AnyTrans to enrich your Apple life, managing iPhone/iPad/iPod, even iTunes/iCloud content, transferring all photos, messages, contacts, music, etc. from iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC/Mac, and vice versa.

The Bottom Line

That is all for AnyTrans license code, if you are still having questions, you can also talk to the customer service via live chat or email us, we will reply as soon as possible.

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