Is PhoneRescue Free and How to Get PhoneRecue Free Trial

Is PhoneRescue free? Want to download PhoneRescue free trial or want to get PhoneRescue free license code to recover deleted files? Read on this guide to get answers.

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Since smartphone keeps plenty of private and important data of life, the data loss on a smartphone would send our stomach into free fall. What’s worse, there’s no obvious way for you to easily bring them back. Few things are more precious and valuable, you are urgently needed a recovery tool to help you retrieve your lost data soon.

At this point, you found the most ideal choice – PhoneRescue, according to users’ feedback, it seems to recover deleted files on iOS and Android phones. While you don’t know too much about it, like is PhoneRescue free? Is PhoneRescue free to download? Is PhoneRescue license code free? To answer your inquiries and gain more about PhoneRescue at the same time, here we will offer you as much info as possible.



Part 1. What is PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is a computer-based iOS > Android data recovery tool. It is specially developed to help smartphone users recover multiple types of data, including photos, messages, contacts, videos, music, call logs, calendar as well as other up to 31 file types.

PhoneRescue for iOS

Based on custom-designed technologies, PhoneRescue for iOS provides 3 different recovery modes for iOS users to recover deleted files:

  • Recover from iOS Device (without any backup)
  • Recover from Backup
  • Recover from iCloud

Whether you have a backup or not, it helps you recover deleted or lost files with minimal trouble. Besides the data recovery feature, PhoneRescue for iOS can also save you from various types of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch breakdowns, such as stuck in black screen, white screen, and Apple logo or even in restarting loop.

Is PhoneRescue Free – What is PhoneRescue for iOS

Is PhoneRescue Free – What is PhoneRescue for iOS

PhoneRescue for Android

PhoneRescue for Android can be used with hundreds of Android devices from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google, Huawei, LG, etc. It helps users find lost files and dig out the previously hidden files on the device even without root. In addition, it is also capable of saving your locked device.

Is PhoneRescue Free – What is PhoneRescue for Android

Is PhoneRescue Free – What is PhoneRescue for Android

Part 2. PhoneRescue Top Feature

PhoneRescue has helped 8,700,000 smartphone users successfully retrieve deleted or lost data in the past 6 years. To ensure you get the most secure, complete, easiest, and fastest data recovery, it is fitted with some incomparable advantages.

PhoneRescue for iOS

  • Recover your data with the highest success rate
  • Get back everything essential for you in every possible way: from iOS device directly (without backup), from iTunes backup, from iCloud backup
  • Just 3 clicks to retrieve all your data, no tech knowledge required
  • Recover deleted files to the corresponding app on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch for instant use
  • Preview and select the deleted files before recovering
  • Scan and find your lost data and files in a flash and amazing speed

PhoneRescue for Android

  • Highest data recovery success rate in the world
  • Retrieve messages, photos, contacts, and more Android files in just 1 click
  • The ONLY software that restores lost data directly to phone
  • Preview and retrieve your deleted files selectively
  • Find lost and hidden data on the device you don’t even know

Part 3. Is PhoneRescue Free > Is PhoneRescue License Code Free

When users trusted PhoneRescue to be their data recovery tool, the two most frequently asked questions: Is PhoneRescue Free? Is PhoneRescue Activation code free? To offer you the best results with the best ever technologies, PhoneRescue is not free. But it offers users affordable yet reasonable prices. And sometimes you can get PhoneRescue discount by taking part in iMobie official campaigns.

PhoneRescue for iOS:

Type 1 Year License Lifetime License 1 Year Business License
Licensed Quantity For 1 Mac/PC For 1 Mac/PC For 10-60 Macs/PCs
Price $49.99 $59.99 $299-$1299
Buy Now > Buy Now > Buy Now >

PhoneRescue for Android:

Type 1 Year License Lifetime License 1 Year Business License
Licensed Quantity For 1 Mac/PC For 1 Mac/PC For 10-60 Macs/PCs
Price $39.99 $49.99 $299-$1299
Buy Now > Buy Now > Buy Now >

Part 4. Why PhoneRescue is Not Free

Below are the reasons why Phonerescue is not free. You will get what you pay for.

  • World’s Top Success Rate > 100% Secure – Built on NO-DATA-LOSS technology, all your lost data can be safe> easily recovered in minutes. You’re definitely the only person who can access the files.
  • Widest Coverage of Files and Possibilities – PhoneRescue is the world’s ONLY software that supports recovering up to 31 file types, including photos, messages, contacts, music, videos, etc. It offers you multiple solutions to retrieve what you want, under any conditions.
  • Easy to Handle – With its clear interface and step-by-step guide, non- techy users can recover lost files in minutes. It makes the complicated recovering process in just 3 simple steps.
  • Fastest Recovering Speed – PhoneRescue creates and applies diverse first-class technologies to ensure the fastest scan, instant preview, and lightning recovery. It only takes 5 minutes to get back over 3000 photos.
  • No Existing Data Loss – Unlike traditional recovery way, all data on your device will be kept safe. There’s no erase or wipe risk of your previous data on the device.
  • Full Control of Your Files – PhoneRescue enables you to preview and select the lost files before recovering. You enjoy 100% freedom to recover your data, but nor a whole restoring.
  • Direct Recovery to Phone – PhoneRescue is the only software that restores lost data directly to phone > tablet for instant use. Just like they were never lost.
  • Beyond Data, Rescue Your Device as Well – For iOS users: save iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in various common scenarios like iOS update failure, stuck on Apple logo, black screen, recovery mode loop, etc. For Android users: No matter your screen is locked with a password, pattern, or fingerprint, it helps you safely remove them. PhoneRescue won’t access, modify, or erase anything in your device, all your data and privacy remain 100% secure.
  • International Certifications – PhoneRescue has received lots of international certifications.
International Certifications

International Certifications

Although PhoneRescue is a paid software, it promises you:

  • Lifespan limitation: A purchase, lifetime use. When data on your device is lost or spoiled, you can use PhoneRescue to easily recover the lost data at any time.
  • Life-long service: Release an update for PhoneRescue every 2 weeks to ensure the highest data recovery success rate. Compatible with all the latest devices, system version, and computer systems.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee: If you failed to retrieve what you want within 60 days of purchase, you’ll get the 100% risk-free unconditional full refund.
  • 24/365 technical support: If you will meet any problem when using PhoneRescue, you can get valid help in time.

Try PhoneRescue now to scan and recover your precious photos, contacts, messages, videos, music, etc. The SOONER you start scanning, the bigger chance you’ll RETRIEVE your valuable data. Remember that you don’t do any operation once you lost or deleted the files.

To get PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery

To get PhoneRescue – Android Data Recovery

The Bottom Line

Yes, PhoneRescue is not free, but it is also not so expensive as you think, right? With its high success rate and good after-sale service, you’ll get good value for your payment. Get PhoneRescue now to recover your lost previous files with great ease. Also, if you have any questions on this guide or PhoneRescue, feel free to contact us via email or leave your comment below. We will go through your problem and reply to you soon.

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