How Much Does AnyTrans Cost and Is It Worth to Buy AnyTrans

Just tried AnyTrans and had questions like "how much does AnyTrans cost?" or "is it worth to buy AnyTrans?" This post tells you everything you need to know.

[Last Update: Dec. 12, 2017]

There are so many iOS data transfer tools available on market and they are making iOS data management easier than ever. AnyTrans, as one of the best iOS management tools, wins much admiration. However, as is known to all, you will need an AnyTrans license code to be able to use it, which is not for free. For majority of people, money does not matter that much, the most important questions are "what can AnyTrans do for me?" and "is AnyTrans really worth the price?"

Here in this post, we will show you what can AnyTrans do for you and how much AnyTrans costs. Do keep reading and know whether AnyTrans is worth the price.

AnyTrans - Put Everything in the Right Place

AnyTrans - Put Everything in the Right Place

Part 1. AnyTrans Main Features

Through many years of hard work, we have made AnyTrans an excellent iOS data transfer tool with 7 main features. Let's get to know them one by one.

1 > Backup iDevice Data

As a data manager, backing up iOS data feature is crucial as backups may be the last thing you can turn to get back data when data loss occurs. Here is how AnyTrans can help you backup iDevice data.