Where Is WhatsApp Backup Stored?

You may have a habit of backing up your WhatsApp messages. But do you know where WhatsApp backup is stored on your mobile phone? Read this post carefully to locate your WhatsApp backup on either your iPhone or Android device.

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Regularly backing up your WhatsApp conversations is generally a smart practice that allows you to have full access to all relevant data anytime. A lot of people do this, but did you ever wonder where is WhatsApp backup stored when you choose to preserve it? The answer to this question will also tell you where you can find your messages if you happen to need them later. Of course, the exact location of the files depends on the type of OS your phone has and the WhatsApp backup software you used, so there are several different possibilities to consider here. In some cases, the backup might be automatic while in others you will have to make sure to have WhatsApp backup stored in the right location, but in general, you won’t have to worry about this if you understand how to protect your data.

Where Is WhatsApp Backup Stored?

Where Is WhatsApp Backup Stored?

Here is a comprehensive overview of the available backup locations for users of both major OS platforms who want to keep all of their WhatsApp conversations.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t have a backup, read this post to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages.

Where Is WhatsApp Backup Stored on iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone to chat with your friends, you have multiple options for backing up and accessing WhatsApp backup data at your disposal. Those messages are typically saved using one of Apple’s proprietary platforms rather than WhatsApp’s own servers, so where WhatsApp backup is stored depends on how you backup WhatsApp data. Here are the 2 most common ways to store your WhatsApp messages for later use.

Store WhatsApp Backup on iCloud

iCloud Drive is a popular online storage platform that can be used to automatically backup all of your Whatsapp data – messages, photos, and other attachments from your iPhone.

  1. To store WhatsApp via iCloud, go to the Settings app, tap on the Apple ID button, and choose iCloud.
  2. Next, you should find WhatsApp on the app list, and activate it if you haven’t yet.
  3. After you finish logining in, you should open WhatsApp and go to the Settings menu there and select Chats, then Chat backup.
  4. You have several options, including running a backup at that moment, defining the interval for regular backups, and deciding whether to backup multimedia.
Back up WhatsApp messages with iCloud on iPhone

Back up WhatsApp messages with iCloud on iPhone

To find your WhatsApp data on iCloud, you need to open your WhatsApp and go to Settings, then choose Chats and finally Chat backups.

Once you ascertain the chats are saved, you can easily retrieve WhatsApp data to your phone all at once by deleting and then reinstalling WhatsApp on your iPhone without changing the phone number or Apple ID.

Store WhatsApp Backup on iTunes

Another effective data management tool that can be very useful for backing up your WhatsApp messages is using iTunes. This program works well with all Apple devices including iPhones and is very convenient to use for backing up all data from your phone and storing it on the PC. However, this backup method can’t selectively save WhatsApp data and can only transfer the entire contents of your phone to the computer. In order to back up your conversations using iTunes, you should:

Step 1. firstly connect the phone to the computer via a cable, unlock the phone, and then launch iTunes on your computer. You should click on the Device icon and then click on the Backups button.

Backup iPhone to iTunes

Backup iPhone to iTunes

Step 2. When you use iTunes to store your WhatsApp messages, they will be kept locally on your computer and you can find them on the hard disc. To find this data, you will need to open Library, and then go to Application support, then choose Mobile sync, and Backup.

Restore Backup via iTunes

Restore Backup via iTunes

Where Are WhatsApp Messages Stored on Android?

People who install WhatsApp on their Android phones have a big advantage, as their messages will be stored locally on the phone. Local backup is saved daily and this feature is automatically active. With the content remaining available for a week, it’s also possible to save the chats manually at any given time. That means it remains possible to access chat history long after the conversation instead of going to the cloud service to retrieve it.

Where Are WhatsApp Messages Stored on Android

Where Are WhatsApp Messages Stored on Android

Cloud storage is a reasonable option for Android phone users, as it’s very simple to back up your WhatsApp conversations with Google Drive. To do this, you need to have a valid Google account and provide your registered phone number. In terms of WhatsApp Google Drive backup location, you need to keep in mind that your conversations will be stored as ‘hidden app data’, so you can only access them through the app that was used to create the files. In the following sections, we will demonstrate how to locate, view, and restore WhatsApp backups, either on your iPhone or Android phone. Please keep reading!

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup to Your Phone?

To preview and restore WhatsApp backup to your iPhone or Android device, you should use some special tools to decrypt and locate WhatsApp backup data in advance. Among the most popular app manager in 2021, AppTrans is worth trying. As AppTrans develops a special feature to transfer, backup & restore WhatsApp on your phone, you can easily use this toolkit to restore WhatsApp backup to your iPhone or Android device. Now, free install AppTrans and check the impressive features AppTrans enjoys when it comes to restoring WhatsApp backup to your phone.

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  • A wide range of WhatsApp data can be restored, involving photos, videos, messages, calls, etc.
  • View or restore Google Drive backup to iPhone, iPad, Android devices, or even your computer.
  • View or restore iTunes backup to iPhone, iPad, or Android phones.
  • Export and print WhatsApp chats and attachments, like conversations, photos, emojis, etc

Now, you can easily restore WhatsApp backup to your phone by watching the following video tutorial.

Video Tutorial on How to Restore WhatsApp Messages from Google Drive to iPhone

Faqs About Where WhatsApp Backups Are Stored

In addition to knowing where is WhatsApp backup stored in Google Drive, users are interested in many other details relevant for this process. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions of this type along with simple answers to them.

What Types of Data Are Never Stored on WhatsApp Servers?

In order to preserve the privacy of its users, WhatsApp doesn’t store any messages or multimedia on its online servers. Encrypted data can be kept on the phone locally, or in external storage such as a hard drive on your computer or a cloud service.

Will the Server Keep WhatsApp Messages Forever?

The place where your WhatsApp data is stored determines for how long the messages will remain available to restore. Local backup on Android phones lasts only a week, but cloud storage solutions like iCloud or Google Drive will preserve the data for as long as you have enough free space.

The Bottom Line

While all this can seem complicated at first, backing up or retrieving WhatsApp data is actually quite simple and intuitive on both OS platforms. Once you try your preferred method in practice and learn how to do it, you will never again have any trouble finding your old WhatsApp messages when you want to double-check something. This practical knowledge also makes a transition to a new phone less painful and allows users to freely transfer data between devices. All things considered, the fact that WhatsApp doesn’t automatically back up your conversation doesn’t present a big obstacle, and any advanced user should be able to easily offset it by using one of the presented backup methods.

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Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

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