How to Backup Kik Message on Mobile Phone

If you would like to keep a record of the messages you have sent and received in Kik on your device, the following guide should help you backup your Kik messages on your iOS and Android-based devices. Read on to learn how.

By | Last Updated: May. 24, 2019

If you use the Kik app to communicate with your friends on your device, you would know that it automatically deletes your messages after a certain limit has exceeded. While this may work in your favor most of the time as it helps you reclaim your precious memory space, sometimes your most important messages may get deleted in the process. That is the reason many users prefer to backup their messages so they do not lose access to them on their devices.

Backing up your messages in Kik is extremely important as this gives you a chance to re-read your messages long after the app has deleted them from your device. The main issue here, though, is the app does not offer the option to let you backup your messages.

Since there is no official backup option in the app, you need to rely on unofficial workarounds to backup your messages. A few of these workarounds are posted in the following guide to help you backup your messages on your devices.

Backup Kik Messages on Android and iPhone

Whether you want to learn how to backup Kik messages on Android or you want to find out how to backup Kik messages on iPhone, the following methods should work on both the operating systems for you.

Method 1. Check Messages in the App and Local Data

The first and the easiest way to backup your Kik messages is to use the Kik app itself to do the task. As mentioned above, although the app automatically deletes your old messages, it keeps your recent ones and you can view and copy them from the local data folder on your device.

View messages in the Kik app on your phone

View messages in the Kik app on your phone

Simply launch the app on your device, look for the messages you want to backup, and you can then find these messages in the local storage on your device.

Method 2. Take Screen-shots of the Messages

Another way to backup your messages is to take screen-shots of your messages. As long as your device offers the facility to capture screen-shots, you should be able to apply this method on your device.

Capture the screenshot of your messages

Capture the screenshot of your messages

All you basically need to do is launch the Kik app on your device, open the conversation you are interested in backing up, and take a screenshot of the conversation. The screenshot will be saved on your device and it can be considered as a backup of your Kik messages.

In an unfortunate case where your device does not allow you to capture screen-shots, you can use another phone of yours and take photos of your Kik messages on your device. This should also create backups of your messages in the form of photos.

The Bottom Line

Although the Kik app does not have a built-in backup option, there are a few methods that you can use to create a backup of your Kik messages on your iPhone and Android devices. We hope the guide helps you out with your backup task.

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