How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone


Do you know how to delete ringtones from iPhone? If you still don't know the answer, this guide will tell you an easy way to delete your ringtones that you don't need any more.


May 05, 2015


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AnyTrans – Delete Ringtones from iPhone

AnyTrans – Transfer and Manage Your iOS Contents

Download and install AnyTrans on your computer then this guide will show you an easy way to delete ringtones in few seconds.

Situation: I bought a ringtone last week but it was the wrong version. I emailed apple requesting a refund and removal of the song. I was refunded, but the song is still on my iPhone. It doesn't show up in my iTunes under "Tones" or "Music" but I can still see and select it on my phone. I've tried to slide it over to delete but it doesn't show the delete button. How can I delete it from iPhone?

--A user from Apple Support Communities

Analysis: As for ringtones, we always have some words to say about it. I want to set a song as a ringtone; I don't like this ringtone and want to change one; I want to delete the ringtone that I don't need any more. In regard to deleting ringtones, iPhone users are confused about how to delete customized ringtones. As above user said, I can't delete it by myself.

Solution: In fact, you can delete ringtones that you added to the iPhone through iTunes by deleting them from iTunes. But iTunes is so complicate that sometimes we can't operate it successfully like above user. This guide will recommend you a software-named AnyTrans to help you delete your ringtones with 3 steps.

Tools You Need

  • An iPhone with ringtones you need to delete and USB cable
  • A computer
  • An iPhone manager – AnyTrans

As an iOS content manager, AnyTrans concentrates on transferring and managing data of iOS devices. It can transfer different kinds of data (music, ringtones, audiobooks, app, notes, contacts, calendar, photos, etc.) from computer to devices, from iTunes to devices and from device to device, and vice versa. It also helps to manage these items. For example, you can easily delete, edit, add, download, export & import contents of your device. Beyond that, you have access to your iCloud to view your backups and export items to computer.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone With AnyTrans

First of all, download and install AnyTrans on your computer, and there are two versions for choosing, Windows or Mac. Then follow the steps to delete ringtones freely.

Step 1. Run your AnyTrans on computer and then connect your iPhone on the computer with USB cable. Scroll down or click the button on the right to manage your iPhone data by categories.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone – Step 1

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone – Step 1

Step 2: Click "Audio" and choose "Ringtones" to next page.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone – Step 2

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone – Step 2

Step 3: Choose your ringtone that you want to delete and click "Delete" button to delete the ringtone.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone – Step 3

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone – Step 3

The Bottom Line

It is easy and quick to delete your data that you don't need any more and space up your devices' storage. Go to download AnyTrans now. Any question about this guide would be appreciated if you can send us by email or leave your comments in below section.

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