How to Fix Android Phone Frozen Issues

One problem that Android phones usually encounter is that the phone freezes without any response, especially when the phone has been used for a period of time. In this article, you can find six solutions to fix the Android phone freezing problem.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Nov. 03, 2020

My android phone is frozen and won’t do anything!  Nothing happens when I click any button. How can I fix it, I can’t use my phone now, I am very worried!

—— From an Android User.

Do you have the same confusion as a user of Android smartphones? As we all know, the feature of the Android system is that it is a free and open-source operating system. You can download and install any software you like almost without any restrictions. However, a coin has two sides. While the Android system brings you convenience, there are also some annoying problems existing. Such as the phone is frozen and won’t turn on, the Android system update fails to install, and system UI stop working on Android.

If you have the same problem that your Android phone is frozen and you cannot do anything, you may ask: “How do I unfreeze my phone? ” Don’t worry, there are some methods that may help you fix this issue.

What Causes a Phone to Freeze?

  • A slow speed processor.
  • The insufficient memory space.
  • Short of storage space.

The above 3 points may be the main culprit for freezing Android smartphones. However, there may be a malfunction or problem with the software or specific application that causes your phone to freeze. If your Android phone is experiencing such a problem, please try the following solutions to fix it.

Troubleshoot Your Frozen Phone by Restarting

Method 1. Simple Restart Your Phone

The most common way is to restart your phone to fix any common system problems of mobile phones. Hold down the power button for about 30 seconds to restart your phone.

If your phone isn’t responding to your “Power button” or any tap action on the screen, you can move to the next step.

Method 2. Force Restart Your Android Phone

Force restart your phone by pressing and holding the “Power” button and one of the Volume buttons (for most is the volume down key) simultaneously for more than seven seconds.

Force Restart Android Phone

Force Restart Android Phone

Get Unfreezing Your Android Phone by Cleaning Up the Wrong Apps

Method 1. Close the frozen app

One of the reasons why the phone is frozen may be that an application running on your phone is stuck and does not respond. This will cause the phone processor to slow down and freeze the phone. You only need to close the frozen application to solve this problem. If you cannot sure which program is stuck, you can close all running apps. Because of the different model and brand of Android phone, the following steps are for referring only (take Samsung s20 for example):

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then you can see the navigation bar at the bottom.
  • Tap on the “Recent Apps” icon.
  • Slip left and right to switch between apps.
  • Choose the app you want to shut down.

    Close the Frozen App

    Close the Frozen App

Method 2. Uninstall the App that Causes a Problem

Sometimes, it is because a problem app that running on your phone is frozen on an app interface. If you recently install an app or a group of apps on your Android phone. And your phone always gets freezing whenever you open these apps, you’d better delete these apps. Because these apps may have some bugs and problems that are probably a contributor to your phone freezing. Use the following ways to remove it:

  • Open your phone’s “Settings” scroll down and “Apps” icon.
  • Scroll down one by one and choose the apps that you want to uninstall.
  • Click on “Uninstall” > Choose OK option to remove it.

    Uninstall Apps on Android Phone

    Uninstall Apps on Android Phone

Other Ways to Fix Your Android Frozen Phone

Method 1. Try to Charge Your Phone

Have you ever think that it may because your phone has run out of battery and will not turn on. So you can try to plug your phone into a charger for a few minutes before you restart it.

Try to Charge Your Phone

Try to Charge Your Phone

Method 2. Factory Reset

We hope you have solved your phone freezing problem when your mouse stops here. The factory reset is the last chance you can do to unfreeze your phone. If your phone is still frozen after boot up or does not even boot up for some reason, a factory reset may fix your problems. While, please notice that factory resetting your phone will erase all data on the phone, so you’d better backup your phone before doing so.

Factory Reset Android Phone

Factory Reset Android Phone

If you still find that the device sometimes freezes or sometimes becomes unresponsive after restarting the device, you can try to take some measures to correct this symptom:

  •     Check for software updates.
  •     Clean your phone and make enough memory space.
  •     Check your phone in the “Safe Mode”, to get rid of any mobile virus.

The Bottom Line

The above are 6 ways to solve the problem of the Android phone freezing issue. If you think the article is useful to you, please share it with your friends and family. If you have other better solutions or any problems, please share them with us in the comment area.

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