Full Guide to Switch to New iPhone 11

Got varieties of questions about the 2019 new iPhone? Don’t know which one to choose from new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or old iPhone XS? Have no idea about how to transfer data to your new iPhone? Don’t worry, this page has already covered all things you care about new iPhone 2019.

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New Features of 2019 New iPhone 11

If you’re wondering what’s new on iPhone 11, then you’ve come to the right place. New iPhone will come up with new iOS 13 and so, you’re going to have all features and functionalities that iOS 13 own. Also all new 2019 iPhones are likely to adopt upgraded A13 chips from TSMC, and we may see three Rear-Facing Cameras.

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Activate & Set up New iPhone 11

Setting up and activating a new iPhone is not a though task, but during this process you need to face with a lot of options and make right choices. If you are new to iOS or want to activate your new iPhone smoothly without any mistake, here we prepare you a step-by-step guide to set up and activate your new iPhone.

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Which Phone is Best for You?

iPhone 11 VS Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The iPhone already faces some fierce competition from its biggest rival. If you’re confused whether to buy iPhone 11 or Samsung Note 10 when available, then here is a complete guide on Samsung Note 10 VS iPhone 11 that will help you to make the right choice.

2019 New iPhone 11 VS Old iPhone

Apple's latest models look beautiful. But which one should you buy? And what about the relatively old but cost-effective iPhone XS or iPhone XR? If you are looking to get the best iPhone model in 2019, please read our full guide on which iPhone is best for you.

Backup Your Old iPhone or Android

Before switch to your new iPhone, you should absolutely make a full backup of your old iPhone or Android. We’ve prepared you the most complete guide to help you backup old iPhone or Android before you move to new iPhone 2019.

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How to Transfer Data to New iPhone 11

Transfer Data to New iPhone 11 from Old iPhone

Here we will show you how to transfer photos, contacts, messages, Apps and everything from old iPhone to new iPhone: with iTunes, iCloud, Quick Start, Migration feature, or AnyTrans.

Transfer Data to New iPhone 11 from Old Android

As a long time Android phone user, you may know how to transfer data between two Android phones, this guide help you move data from Android to iPhone in minutes.

How to Deal with Your Old iPhone or Android


Switch to iPhone 2019

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