How to Delete Individual Text Messages and iMessages in iOS 10/11


How to delete messages on iOS 10/11? Read this post to get some basic methods to remove SMS/iMessages from your iPhone with iOS 10/11.

Sep. 08, 2017


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Some of the texts or pictures/voice in Messages app would be so private and secret. You may want to delete this kind of text messages or iMessages to protect your privacy from leaks after upgrading to new iOS operating system. or purchasing one new iOS device, such as iPhone 7 or the new iPhone X/8. In this post, we tell you the basic tips to delete messages on iOS 9/10, which is also available to the new iOS 11.

You are suggested to backup your important text messages and attachments to computer before deleting to free up space on your iOS device.

Part 1. How to Delete Individual Messages on iOS 10/11

iOS 10/11 enables you to easily delete multiple messages from one contact in the "Messages" app.

Step 1. Open "Messages" app on your iOS device.

Step 2. Choose one contact, double tap or hold on one message, and click "More".

How to Delete Individual Messages on iOS 10/11

How to Delete Individual Messages on iOS 10/11

Step 3. Select the messages you want to delete, tap "Trash" icon to get rid of them. Or tap "Delete All" on the top-left corner of your screen to remove all messages/attachments from one specific person.

Part 2. How to Remove All Messages from Multiple Contacts

Deleting all messages sent from one contact is very simple - hold on the contact, slide to the left and then tap "Delete" button. But sometimes, you may want to quickly erase all messages from more than one contact at one time. Now let's follow the steps below to make it.

Step 1. Tap "Edit" on the top-left corners.

Remove All Messages from Multiple Contacts – Step 2

Remove All Messages from Multiple Contacts – Step 2

Step 2. Select contacts and tap "Delete" to remove iMessages/SMS from the contacts you selected.

Part 3. Tool to Delete Messages from Spotlight Search

Sometimes, you may find that some deleted text messages are still viewable in the search result of Spotlight Search. In this case, you can use iOS cleaner - PhoneClean to permanently and completely sweep them out of your device.

To clean messages from Spotlight search, just open PhoneClean > Privacy Clean, click Scan button, go to Secure Cleanup, select Deleted Messages and go back to remove them by clicking Clean button.

How to Delete Individual Messages from Spotlight Search

How to Delete Individual Messages from Spotlight Search

With the aid of this tool, you can easily find what is other on your iPhone, and remove it to free up space, also get more space by removing app caches, duplicate files and kinds of junk files.

The Bottom Line

Besides protecting privacy, deleting unwanted messages on iOS device is also helpful for freeing up space, especially when there are so many attached pictures and voice in "Messages" app. So just follow the methods above to organize your individual text messages and iMessages on your iPhone/iPad.

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