How to Approve Device on iCloud from Other Device Easily

Don’t know how to approve device on iCloud? Grab this article to learn how to approve a new device on iCloud from another one quickly.

By iMobie | Posted on: Oct. 26, 2018, Last Updated: Aug. 14, 2019

I have a MacBook Pro with El Capitan 10.11.6 signed in to iCloud. I also have an iPhone 6s Plus which is also signed in to iCloud. After upgrading my iPhone to iOS 10 I have follow-ups showing notifications and also frequently appearing push notifications about “approve your device”.

I push it, then enter my passcode to iPhone and see this:

Approve This iPhone Go to one of your devices signed in to iCloud to approve this iPhone.

Waiting for approval (spinning wheel)

This is a very common scenario when we are asked for approving device on iCloud. As a matter of fact, when we buy a new iPhone or iPad, we sign in our iCloud, and we will also run into this question. To do so, Apple just wants to makes sure our data safe. But in these situations, the viral problem would change to how to approve device on iCloud for users.

To approve device on iCloud, we can approve device on iCloud from Mac, or from other iOS devices. In this tip, we will focus on how to approve device on iCloud from iOS devices.

Part 1. How to Approve Mac on iCloud from iOS Device

When we upgrade our Mac OS, or just get a new one, and need to approve it on iCloud, we can figure it out with the following steps:

Step 1 Click System Preferences on Mac > Choose iCloud > Enter your iCloud ID and password.

Step 2 After you enter iCloud ID and password, it would remind you that you need 6 figures to approve this Mac from other devices. At this moment, you open your iPhone, which has already signed in the iCloud before. iPhone will tell you there is another device using iCloud, and ask whether to allow or not. You need click Allow, and then there will show the 6 figures – Apple ID Verification Code.

Step 3 Enter Apple ID Verification Code, and you succeed in approving Mac on iCloud.

Part 2. How to Approve iOS Device on iCloud from Another iOS Device

How to approve iOS device on iCloud has similarities with approving Mac in many ways, and there is just one point you need to understand.

Step 1 Click Setting on iOS device > Choose iCloud > Enter iCloud ID and password.

Step 2 Get Apple ID Verification Code from another iPhone, and enter the 6 figures.

Step 3 The only difference from approving Mac on iCloud is that after you enter Apple ID Verification Code, you will be asked to enter the iPhone passcode, too. After that, you finish approving iOS device on iCloud.

Bonus Tip: Sync Data between Two iCloud Accounts

There is also another situation when we need to know how to approve device on iCloud. We can backup our important data to iCloud from one device. When we want to access these iCloud backup data on another device, we can sign in the same iCloud, and do as above steps to approve device on iCloud to restore iCloud backup data.

However, this is not the only way to share iCloud data. We can also sync one iCloud data to another iCloud, and don’t need to sign in another iCloud and approving operation. You will instantly ask us how. To sync data between two iCloud, we need help from one application – AnyTrans for iOS.

AnyTrans is a one-click iOS data manager. AnyTrans enables to transfer iOS data without limitation, like photos, messages, notes, music, movies and so on. Besides managing iOS data, AnyTrans can also support managing iCloud data, for example, iCloud Sync feature. In the following, we will take photo as an example to show how to sync data between your two iCloud.

How to Sync Data between Two iCloud Accounts

Step 1 Download AnyTrans > Install it on your computer (PC/Mac) > Click iCloud Manager section > Hit the Sign into iCloud option to log into your two iCloud accounts.

Log into Two iCloud Accounts in AnyTrans for iOS - Step 1

Log into Two iCloud Accounts in AnyTrans for iOS – Step 1

Step 2 Click Photos.

Click Photos in AnyTrans for iOS - Step 2

Click Photos in AnyTrans for iOS – Step 2

Step 3 Select photos you plan to sync to the other iCloud > Click the To iCloud button, and they will be soon transferred.

Sync to Another iCloud in AnyTrans for iOS - Step 3

Sync to Another iCloud in AnyTrans for iOS – Step 3

The Bottom Line

How to approve device on iCloud wouldn’t be a problem anymore if you do step by step above. And if you plan to transfer iCloud data to other devices, there is no need to sign in the iCloud. All you need to do is to download AnyTrans for iOS on your computer (PC/Mac).


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