How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Showing

iCloud photos not showing where they should be, on PC, Mac, in iCloud Photo Library, Photo Stream, or iCloud backup? Here are complete guide for all issues.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 23, 2021

iCloud is a great place to save iPhone/iPad photos. You can put them in iCloud Photo Library or Photo Stream for sharing with multiple devices and more people. If your iCloud Photos enabled, all your photos and videos securely stored in iCloud, and up to date on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, and And you can restore photos from iCloud for iPhone/iPad photos disappearing due to various factors.

However, there are some situations, where iCloud photos are not showing when you go to get them. It could happen in various situations, not showing up on PC or Mac, or not showing in iCloud Photo Library or My Photo Stream, or even in So in this tutorial, we mainly focus on iCloud photos not showing up issue and list possible solutions.

Part 1. A Complete Solution to Fix All iCloud Photos Not Showing

Firstly, if your iCloud not showing all photos in any one of places, like a computer or library, here we recommend a powerful application to help you easily access all iCloud photos in a few clicks. And you will never be afraid of iCloud photos now showing issue again. And it’s AnyTrans. With it, you can fix iCloud photos not showing anywhere with ease.

As the best iOS data manager, AnyTrans enables you to easily access and view every single photo in your iCloud account. Besides, you also have options to manage your iCloud photos. You can download them to your PC/Mac, or add pictures from your computer to iCloud, or move iCloud photos to another iCloud, or delete some that you dislike.

Why not download AnyTrans now, and follow the steps below to make your all iCloud photos up showing in front of you?

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Run AnyTrans on your PC/Mac > Click on iCloud Manager tab > Sign in with your iCloud account (Apple ID).

Tap iCloud Manager and Enter Apple ID and Password

Tap iCloud Manager and Enter Apple ID and Password

Step 2. Click Photos on the managing content by category page.

Choose Photos in iCloud Manager

Choose Photos in iCloud Manager

Step 3. Then all photos in iCloud will be showing. Now you can add photos from computer to iCloud, delete some, download content to computer, or merge with another iCloud account.

All iCloud Photos Showing Up and You can Manage Here

All iCloud Photos Showing up and You can Manage Here

Part 2. Fix iCloud Photos Not Showing up on Windows PC/Mac

Method 1. Enable iCloud Photos on Windows PC/Mac

Apple provides Windows computer users an iCloud application to upload photos on computer to iCloud, and download iCloud photos to PC. While sometimes, when you plan to view the iCloud photos on your PC, you cannot find them in the downloading folder. Why? The first reason could be you did not check the iCloud Photo Library (here we take Windows as an example):

Step 1. Open iCloud for Windows > Next to Photos, click Options.

How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Showing up on PC

How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Showing up on PC

Step 2. Select iCloud Photo Library > Click Done, then click Apply.

Enable iCloud Photos on Windows PC

Enable iCloud Photos on Windows PC

If you have checked the iCloud Photo Library option, and iCloud photos still now showing, then the reason could be your iCloud photos are saved long time ago. iCloud on Windows downloads your photos from iCloud only when there comes in new photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library. It means that if you install the iCloud on your PC, while have not taken new photos on your iPhone iPad and sync to iCloud Photo Library, there is no order for iCloud to download photos.

  1. Enable iCloud Photos on Mac: Go to System Preferences > Apple ID. Click iCloud in the sidebar, then select Photos. If you have an earlier version of macOS, go to System Preferences > iCloud. Click Options next to Photos, then select iCloud Photos.
  2. Enable iCloud Photos on iPhone:Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos, then turn on iCloud Photos.

Method 2. Check Apple ID on Windows PC/Mac

Another reason could be using different Apple IDs. So you need to make sure that you’re signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on all of your devices (Windows PC/Mac, and iPhone) that you want to use with iCloud Photos.

Part 3. Fix iCloud Photos Not Showing in iCloud Photo Library

This is kind of common. If you have encountered this problem, the first thing you need to know is that iCloud Photo Library could be a very long journey, considering iCloud syncing speed. If you have hundreds, or thousands of photos on your iPhone iPad to sync to iCloud Photo Library, you need to have patience. You can go to iCloud Photo Library option in Settings to check how many photos have been uploaded to iCloud:

Fix iCloud Photos Not Showing in iCloud Photo Library

Fix iCloud Photos Not Showing in iCloud Photo Library

Besides, iCloud Photo Library uploads your photos, only when your iPhone/iPad is connected with Wi-Fi. Under cellular data, there is no syncing.

Part 4. Fix iCloud Photos Not Showing in My Photo Stream

If you cannot find your photos in My Photo Stream, it is because iCloud has removed them. My Photo Stream only saves 1000 pictures in the latest 30 days. So if there are more than 1000 pictures or some photos are older than 30 days, they will not be saved. Secondly, My Photo Stream also requires a Wi-Fi connection. So if there is no Wi-Fi, there would be no syncing, either.

For more methods related to My Photo Stream not working, you can also refer to this guide of ours: How to Fix My Photo Stream Not Showing >

Part 5. More Fixes to Solve iCloud Photos Not Showing on iPhone

Tip 1. Sign out and then Sign in iCloud

  • On iPhone: Open Settings app > Tap [your name] > Tap Sign Out. After signing out, restart your iPhone, and then sign back in.
  • On Windows PC: Open the iCloud for Windows > Tap Sign out on the bottom-left. Restart Windows PC, then sign back in.
  • On Mac: Open System Preferences on the Apple menu > Click iCloud > Click Sign Out. Restart your Mac, and then sign back in.

Tip 2. Check the Software Update on Computer and iPhone

  • On iPhone: Open Settings app > Tap General > Tap Software Update. If there are any updates available, download and install them.
  • On Windows PC: Click Start menu > Find Apple Software Update and tap it > Then it will check for updates automatically. If there’re any available updates for iCloud and Apple software programs, just select and install them.
  • On Mac: Open System Preferences via the Apple menu > Tap Software Update. Then install any updates if available.

The Bottom Line

From the content above, you can clearly notice that AnyTrans is able to help you with all kinds of iCloud photos now showing issues, much more easily than the other methods. So why not give it a try now? If you have any questions about AnyTrans, you can contact us via email, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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