How to Retrieve Data/Files/Information from iCloud (Backup) for iPhone iPad


Don’t know how to retrieve data from iCloud? Read this guide to learn a new way to retrieve data or files from iCloud without restoring your iPhone iPad or iPod touch.


Sep. 14, 2016


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PhoneRescue – Helps You Restore Data/Files from iCloud

PhoneRescue – No.1 iCloud Backup Extractor

Free download and install iMobie PhoneRescue on your computer firstly, and then follow the guide to retrieve data, files or other information you want from iCloud or iCloud backup.

You know, in October 2011, Apple Inc. released iCloud to replace MobileMe and offer Apple users the better sync and backup service. With iCloud, Apple users can back up their iOS contents to iCloud server anytime anywhere, and they also can restore their iDevice with the iCloud backups you made anywhere only if they can get access to a Wi-Fi network.

  • With the new iOS released, many users will upgrade their iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to iOS 10. It is recommended to backup your device via iCloud or iTunes, so that you can easily get back lost data if you suffer a failed update. To help you update your iPhone to iOS 10 smoothly, we offer you the most common iOS 10 update problems and solutions.

However, once we backed up iOS contents to iCloud server, or created an iCloud backup, you never can retrieve data from them or view what you had backed up unless you plan to restore your iPhone iPad or iPod touch with them. Therefore, many users wonder how to retrieve data from iCloud, is there any way to retrieve information from iCloud without restoring iDevice, even how to selectively get data or files from iCloud instead of the whole backu, etc. If you also are one of them, you will figure them out after reading this guide.

Normally, people want to retrieve data or files from iCloud (backup) due to the following reasons:

  • Want to restore deleted or lost iOS contents from iCloud backup after losing them from iDevice.
  • Want to move contents from old iDevice to the new after getting a new iPhone or iPad.
  • Want to retrieve some files from iCloud backups that are made before without restoring iDevice.

No matter what situation you are stuck on, here we offer you two methods to retrieve data from iCloud backup so that you can upgrade to new iDevice smoothly or recover deleted iOS contents with ease. Now let’s get it started!

Method 1: Retrieve Data/Files from iCloud (Backup) By Restoring Your iDevice

For users getting a new iPhone: Launch Setup Assistance and follow screen prompt to set up your new iPhone > Select Restore from iCloud Backup when Apps & Data options pops up > Next > Enter your Apple ID and password > Agree to iCloud terms and conditions > Pick up the right and compatible iCloud backup you made > Stay connected and wait for the process to finish.

Read the full guide: How to Set up and Activate Your New iPhone 6/6s (Plus) >

For other users: Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > Erase iPhone/iPad/iPod > Enter your password to confirm it > Input the password of your Apple ID to proceed > Waiting for iPhone to erase contents and restart > Set up your iDevice as it is a new one, and then follow this step-by-step guide to finish the setup.

Erase iPhone and Restore iDevice with an iCloud Backup

Erase iPhone and Restore iDevice with an iCloud Backup

Retrieve data/files from iCloud (backup) by restoring iDevice will get all the contents (include the wanted and unwanted) in the backup back to your iPhone or iPad. This suits for those who get a new iPhone iPad or just experienced a Factory Reset. If you just want to retrieve some type of data from iCloud, such as, Photos, Text Messages, Contacts, or other iOS contents, you can move to Part 2 to learn how to selectively restore data from iCloud.

Method 2: Selectively Retrieve Data/File from iCloud with PhoneRescue

To selectively retrieve data, files or information from iCloud (backup), you need to choose a professional tool that can help you get what you want from iCloud backup. iMobie PhoneRescue is the tool you are looking for.

Just like its name shows, PhoneRescue is an iPhone/iPad data recovery software that helps iDevice users recover deleted or lost iOS contents. In fact, it also can be used as an iPhone/iPad backup extractor to retrieve data/files/information from iCloud backup, and it supports 20+ types of iOS contents, like Photos, Videos, Text Messages, Contacts, Call History, Notes, Reminders, etc. Anyway, whatever you want to retrieve from iCloud, iMobie PhoneRescue helps you make it. Free Download PhoneRescue to Try It Now >

Next, install and launch PhoneRescue on your computer, and then follow us to restore data from iCloud with steps below:

Step 1. Launch PhoneRescue > Select Recover from iCloud > Click on Right Arrow to enter next page.

How to Restore Data from iCloud with PhoneRescue – Step 1

How to Restore Data from iCloud with PhoneRescue – Step 1

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID > Select the backup you need > Take some minutes to download it > Click on Right Arrow to scan the backup.

How to Restore Data from iCloud with PhoneRescue– Step 2

How to Restore Data from iCloud with PhoneRescue– Step 2

Step 3. Preview and select the items you need > Click on To Computer button to get them back.

How to Restore Data from iCloud with PhoneRescue– Step 3

How to Restore Data from iCloud with PhoneRescue– Step 3

  • PhoneRescue can be used on both of Windows and Mac computers, and compatibles with all the models of iPhone iPad and iPod touch backups.
  • Retrieving data from iCloud is limited to that you have made an iCloud backup of your iPhone iPad in advance, and this iCloud backup contains the data you want to retrieve.
  • If you fail to restore data from iCloud, you can use PhoneRescue to scan your iPhone iPad iPod touch thoroughly and check if you can recover deleted iOS data on iPhone iPad directly without backups, or extract what you want from an iTunes backup, if you have make one.
  • After downloading iCloud backup files to computer, you can use AnyTrans to get them to your iDevice again.

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The Bottom Line

As you can see, with iMobie PhoneRescue, it is easy enough to retrieve data, files or information from iCloud (backup). More than anything, you don't need to restore your device, and all the data on your device will keep intact. Why Not Download and Give It A Try Now >

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