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How can I print from my iPhone? Just read this post to know how to print from iPhone, with and without AirPrint.


July. 06, 2016


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Have used your big-screen iPhone 6/6s/7 (plus) for some days, you may want to print some files and texts that you collected on your device. However, it sometimes would be a little difficult to print from an iPhone 6/6s/7 (Plus) directly, especially when you have no AirPrint Supported Printer around or AirPrint won’t work. You would wonder why can’t I print from iPhone. Don’t worry, just follow this tutorial to correctly use AirPrint to print files from iPhone again. While if you prefer an AirPrint alternative, we also offer another method for you to print from iPhone without AirPrint.

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Part 1. How to Print from iPhone with AirPrint

Apple firstly added AirPrint to iPhone since it released iOS 4.2. After that, people can print photos and documents from an iPhone without having to download files to computer or install apps or software.

However, there are some requirements when using AirPrint to print from iPhone 6/6s/7 (plus):

  • You should have one AirPrint-enabled printer, and now many brands support AirPrint, such as Brother, Canon, Epson and HP. You can choose any one but many sure the printer model is compatible with AirPrint.
  • Keep iPhone and printer in the same Wi-Fi network. Your iPhone will automatically detect your iPhone if your turn on it and enable its Wi-Fi. If you find your iPhone can’t connect to Wi-Fi network, move to this guide to fix it.

It is simple to use AirPrint to print app files if the apps on your iPhone supports AirPrint. And below we show you how to print pictures from iPhone 6 with AirPrint.

How to Print from iPhone with AirPrint

How to Print from iPhone with AirPrint

Normally, you can easily print from an iPhone by following the steps above. But some of you may face problem “AirPrint Won’t Work”. In this case, you can try the tips below to fix it.

  • Tip 1. Turn off router, printer and iPhone, and then turn on them.
  • Tip 2. Check whether your printer stops working.
  • Tip 3. Check whether your printer is AirPrint supported printer.
  • Tip 4. Check whether you enable Wi-Fi on your printer.
  • Tip 5. Force-restart your iPhone by holding on both Home and Power/Wake Buttons.
  • Tip 6. Update your printer to latest firmware and keep it on the same Wi-Fi.
  • Tip 7. Update your iPhone to latest iOS.
  • Tip 8. Try to print from iPhone without AirPrint

1. There are some iPhone apps that don’t support AirPrint, such as Messages.

2. If these tips still can’t figure out why can’t AirPrint print from iPhone 6/6s/7 (plus), please move to Part 2 for solutions.

Part 2. How to Print from iPhone without AirPrint

Sometimes, when you have no AirPrint enabled printer or AirPrint can’t be used, you can try some method to print your data from iPhone without wireless printing. And below we give your some tips.

  • To print email documents and attached files, you can login your email by using browsing apps on your computer, downloading the files and print them.
  • To print pictures, you can download them to your computer, and then print them. And there are many ways for you to get photos from iPhone to PC or transfer pictures from iPhone to Mac.
  • To print text messages, contacts, safari history or some other iPhone data, you can try to use our product AnyTrans to download them as print-supported-files, such as html, PDF or TXT on your computer, and then print them. And now, AnyTrans can extract more than 20 types of files from your iPhone to your computer. Download Free Trial >>

Steps: After connect iPhone 6/6s/7 to computer, Open AnyTrans > Click Device Content button > Select Message (taking messages as an example) > Choose messages you would like to extract > Click To Computer button.

How to Print from iPhone with AnyTrans

How to Print from iPhone with AnyTrans

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