How to Unlock iPhone Backup with/without Password

Don’t know how to unlock encrypted iPhone backup? This tutorial will tell you how to unlock iPhone backup with and without the encryption iPhone backup password.

By iMobie | Posted on: Apr. 02, 2018, Last Updated: Dec. 11, 2018

When you trying to restore iPhone from an backup in iTunes, if it is encrypted, iTunes will ask a password to unlock iPhone backup. If you remember your encryption backup password, you just need to input the passcode and finish the remaining steps. Unfortunately, if you forgot the iTunes backup password, then, how can you unlock the encrypted iPhone backup? We write this tutorial to tell you how to unlock an encrypted iPhone backup with the password, as well as without knowing the iPhone backup password. Here we go.

How to Unlock iPhone Backup with Password

Actually, for how to unlock iPhone backup with password, that is indeed easy to do.

Step 1 Open iTunes on your computer, connect your iPhone. Click the iPhone icon.

Step 2 At this page, click on “Restore Backup …”, select a backup to restore, and then click on Restore.

Step 3 Enter your password and click on OK.

How to Unlock iPhone Backup without Password

To be honest, Apple says “There is no way to recover your information or turn off Encrypt Backup if you lose or forget the password.” That is to say, if you want to unlock the iPhone backup, you still need to enter the right password. So, here in this part, we provide you 2 methods to help you find and recover your iPhone backup password.

Solution 1: Use iPhone backup password recovery tools.

Recovering encryption iPhone backup password is really difficult, and you know that Apple says there is no way to make it. However, some professional iPhone backup password recovery tools like PhoneRescue for iOS, still can make it for you. PhoneRescue for iOS is a comprehensive software that not only be able to recover lost data on iOS devices, but also help iPhone/iPad/iPod users solve a lot of annoying iDevice issues, including unlock iPhone encryption password.

The iPhone backup unlocker feature of PhoneRescue is totally free. Also, unlike other iPhone backup password unlocker in the market, it allows you to preview and extract certain or all the backup files you want to your iPhone. Free Download it now, and then check the detailed guide to unlock iPhone backup encryption password with ease.

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How to Unlock iPhone Backup without Encryption Password

How to Unlock iPhone Backup without Encryption Password

Solution 2: Use Keychain on a Mac computer.

If you’re a Mac user and saved your iPhone backup password to keychain on your Mac, then you can retrieve your iPhone backup password without effort. To do this, you should:

Step 1 On your Mac computer, open Application > Utilities > Keychain Access.

Step 2 Click on All Items. Search “iPhone” in the upper right search field and look for a keychain item named iPhone Backup.

Step 3 Double-click the iPhone Backup, a new window that will open, tick the Show password checkbox. Enter your keychain password to show the iPhone backup password.

Step 4 After that, you’ll see your iPhone Backup password in the pop up window.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to unlock iPhone backup, if you remember your iPhone backup password, you can easily make it. If you forgot your iPhone backup password, you need to recover it at first. Hope this tutorial is helpful for you.


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