How to Solve Move to iOS Stuck on Transferring


Have no clue to how to solve Move to iOS stuck on transferring? Here are practical four methods to help you with it.


Aug. 14, 2017

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Move to iOS grabs all your account information from Android and transfer it into your iPhone/iPad/iPod over Wi-Fi.

When setting up an iPhone, select the option to import from Android to generate an authentication code you’ll need to enter on Android. On your Android, open the Move to iOS app, enter that code and follow the prompts. And these are all you need to do when using Move to iOS to switch from Android to iOS .

Your Android contacts, photos, messages,etc. are all ported to iOS. It runs faster than you plan on trying to figure out how to manually plug these data in.

However, it does not mean Move to iOS is perfect. Many users have encountered some error when using it, such as Move to iOS not working, Move to iOS not generating code, Move to iOS could not communicate with device, Move to iOS stuck on transferring, etc. In this tip, we are going to learn some techniques to solve Move to iOS stuck on transfer, Move to iOS stuck on 45/35.

Move to iOS Stuck on Transferring

Move to iOS Stuck on Transferring

How to Solve Move to iOS Stuck on Transferring Issue

Move to iOS stuck on transferring is mainly Android Wi-Fi connection related. If Wi-Fi disconnects even for several seconds, Move to iOS stuck one transferring will show up. During transferring, it requires Android no call, no sleep mode, basically no any other operation. So to avoid Move to iOS stuck on transferring, we need make sure that Wi-Fi never disconnects during transferring process. And here are the methods.

Method 1. Turn your Android to airplane mode, and off all background applications, to avoid calling in, and some notifications.

Method 2. From the Home screen, tap the App icon > Find and tap Settings > Under WIRELESS AND NETWORKS section, tap WiFi > Tap the menu icon at the upper right corner > Tap Advanced > Set Keep WiFi on during sleep to Always. If mobile data is enabled and you have this problem, it would be better if you disabled Auto connect option.

Method 3. If the method 2 does not work, go back to the Home screen and launch the Phone app > Dial the code *#0011#, and a screen will pop up > Press Menu > Tap WiFi > Find WiFi Saving and turn it Off > Reboot your phone.

Method 4. Choose another Android to iOS transfer tool. If all three methods above don’t work, either, you have the ultimate way to solve Move to iOS stuck on transferring issue - seeking help from other applications. If you prefer a much easier way, we recommend you a super easy-to-use phone transfer application in the following.

To be clear firstly, this transfer tool is more sophisticated than Move to iOS app in some way in fact. It also support all iOS data transferring, like contacts, messages, music, videos, photos, etc. If your iOS device is used, and has some important data, Move to iOS will erase them when using it to transfer data from Android. But this tool recommended does not.

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How to Transfer Data from Android to iOS with This Application

Step 1. Download this transfer on your computer (PC/Mac) > Install and open it > Connect your both Android and iOS device to it.

Step 2. Choose Phone to Phone Transfer > Select what data you plan to transfer > Click Start Transfer to begin. The transferring time will depend on the amount of your data.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iOS

How to Transfer Data from Android to iOS

The Bottom Line

With these four methods, you can definitely go through Move to iOS stuck on transferring issue. If you have any question, you can leave messages in the comments below.

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