How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working

Wonder how to use Move to iOS to transfer data from Android to your new iPhone 14, or other iOS devices? Or do you encounter the move to iOS error when using it to transfer data? Check this post to solve the problem in efficient ways.

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AnyTrans –Move to iOS Alternative Tool

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I decided to switch from Android to my first iPhone recently and I’ve been trying to move my data across for hours but it’s not working. I used the app move to ios but get the error message saying device could not connect, I’ve tried the fix where I connect to the iPhone hot-spot and enter the password, etc. but still get the same message. Any other fixes?

– A user question from Reddit

Move to iOS app is a great tool to help us switch from Android to iOS. When you get a new iPhone like iPhone 14, you may like to transfer data from your Android to your iPhone 14 with the Move to iOS app.

However, occasionally users will encounter Move to iOS not working problems, such as Move to iOS unable to migrate try again later, Move to iOS slow, could not connect to the device, Move to iOS no code, Move to iOS Wi-Fi disconnect/drops, Move to iOS something came up error, Move to iOS transfer interrupted, and so on. Under these circumstances, you can not transfer data from android to iPhone successfully. Then what can we do to deal with the Move to iOS not working issue?

Move to iOS Not Working

Move to iOS Not Working

What is Move to iOS?

As an Android app developed by Apple, the Move to iOS app is designed to help users transfer Android data to iPhone when they get a new iPhone, like iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Pro.

Move to iOS App can Transfer:

  • WhatsApp messages
  • Camera photos & videos
  • Mail accounts
  • Message history
  • Bookmarks
  • Calendar
  • Contacts

Move to iOS App cannot Transfer:

  • App
  • Files
  • Music (Playlist)
  • Call Logs
  • Ringtone
  • Setting (like wallpaper)

What you should know before using the Move to iOS app

Firstly, before we start with the Move to iOS app, we need to get the awareness of:

  • Move to iOS requires that an iOS device is running iOS 9.0 or higher, and an Android device is running Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Both Android and iOS devices need to connect to the same Wi-Fi for Move to iOS.
  • Both devices have enough power to finish the process.
  • If you get a phone call on your Android phone or iPhone, the transferring process will be interrupted.

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How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working

Why is Move to iOS not working? There are many reasons, such as unstable network connection or low battery of the device. Don’t worry, here are methods you can try to fix the Move to iOS not working problem:

Error Type Solutions
Move to iOS Could Not Communicate with Device 1. Check and Download the latest firmware on both devices.

2. Set your Android and iPhone into Airplane mode.

3. Try disabling and forgetting the Wi-Fi networks and cellular data on your Android phone and iPhone.

4. Unselect the “Smart network switch” or “Connections Optimizer” on your Android phone.

Move to iOS Unable to Migrate 1. Make sure both the Android and iPhone are connecting with the same Wi-Fi.

2. Ensure the data you are going to transfer can fit on your new iOS device, including the content on your external Micro SD.

3. Restart your Android phone as well as your iPhone

4. Turn your Android phone into airplane mode.

Move to iOS Transfer Interrupted 1. Make sure both iPhone and Android are not disturbed by calls during transfer.

2. Make sure both iPhone and Android phone are not disturbed by any other Apps.

3. Make sure the Wi-Fi network is stable on both of your devices.

4. Turn off Smart Network Switch on Android.

5. If your devices don’t have enough power, the Move to iOS can be interrupted by a low battery.

If the solutions above don’t work well for Move to iOS not working, you should think about choosing a powerful Move to iOS alternative tool. To avoid transfer errors from android to iPhone, we recommend the alternative below shows.

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Fix Move to iOS Transfer Error By Using Move to iOS Alternatives

#1. AnyTrans – iOS Data Manager

As a full-way iOS data manager, AnyTrans allows you to manually transfer from Android to iPhone, previewing the data categories and choosing to move. It can migrate more than Move to iOS app, such as music, contacts, messages with attachments, calendars, ringtones, etc. Besides, you can transfer all photos and photo videos, remaining in their respective albums,  and migrate WhatsApp chats along with photos, music, videos. Check its main features below:

AnyTrans – Android to iOS Transfer

  • One-click to transfer data from Android to iPhone with great ease.
  • Transfer photos, contacts, messages, music, ringtones, etc.
  • Support the latest iOS 16 and iPhone 14.
  • No overwriting of existing data & files on the iPhone.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Now, please try to migrate data from Android to iPhone with AnyTrans to fix the move to iOS app not working issue:

Step 1. Free Download AnyTrans on your PC/Mac > Open it > Connect both Android and iOS devices to it via USB cables > Choose Phone Switcher > Click on Phone to iPhone mode.

Choose Phone to iPhone on Phone Switcher

Choose Phone to iPhone on Phone Switcher

Step 2. Select your source device and target device > Click the Next button to continue.

Add your Android Phone and iPhone and Click Next to Go on

Add your Android Phone and iPhone and Click Next to Go on

Step 3. Click on the Next button to start moving Android files to your iPhone. All supported files will be checked by default. You can uncheck the Select All button, and then check the file categories you need.

Select Files You Want to Transfer

Select Files You Want to Transfer

#2. PhoneTrans – Phone to Phone Transfer Software

If you changed to a new iPhone and your Android to iOS transfer not working, then PhoneTrans is also a wonderful choice for you. It’s software that is designed to bridges the gap between iOS/iPadOS and Android. Here are the reasons to choose PhoneTrans:

  • It supports you to transfer data from iOS/iPadOS to Android and Android to iOS/iPadOS.
  • With the Quick Transfer mode, you can transfer data from Android to iPhone faster.
  • It supports iPhone 4 – iPhone 14, and almost all Android series are supported, like Samsung, Google, HTC, OnePlus, Huawei, etc.
  • It can transfer contacts, calendars, photos, videos, music, documents, ringtone, etc.

To fix Move to iOS keeps failing with alternative and follow the simple steps here to transfer Android data to iOS:

Step 1. Get PhoneTrans installed on your computer. Go to Phone to Phone > Choose Quick Transfer > Click the Start Transfer button.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Choose the Quick Transfer Mode

Choose the Quick Transfer Mode

Step 2. Connect your Android and iPhone to your computer and select the iPhone as the target device.

Step 3. Then you can view all your Android data will be listed below, select all data, and head to Transfer Now button.

Select Android Data to iPhone

Select Android Data to iPhone

Tips: Can I use Move to iOS after Setting Up iPhone?

Some users want to know if they already set up the iPhone,  is there a way to use Move to iOS? Actually, Move to iOS cannot be used after your initial setup. And if you already finished setup, you need to factory reset your iPhone or use Move to iOS alternatives to manually transfer from Android to iPhone without data erasing.

The Bottom Line

With these ways, you can totally figure out the Android to iOS transfer error. If you want to transfer data from Android to iPhone at any time without the restriction of resetting your phone, then just download AnyTrans to move all Android data to iOS devices with ease. Free Download Now! And if you have any other questions, you can contact us with emails, or just leave messages in the comments below.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

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