Why Is My iPad So Slow and How to Fix It


Why is my iPad running so slow? Do you know how to fix a slow iPad? In this quick guide, you can get the solutions.


Sep. 22, 2016


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Q: "My iPad 2 became unusable after upgrading to iOS 8. Closing an app (single tap on the home button) and app switching (double tap) took forever to the point it felt like the system had frozen. Everything else seemed to be running in slow motion. It was torture. Why is my iPad so slow now?"

Generally speaking, a new iPad has more powerful processors, and it runs faster than older models. Most of the time, however, you may experience the slow and sluggish iPad, when it loses the seamless touch response its known for, greatly drives you crazy. Why is my iPad running slow? You may ask the same question as the above user.

Why Is My iPad So Slow

Why Is My iPad So Slow

What are the possible reasons that cause a slow iPad? How to fix a slow and old iPad? That's exactly what this article is about.

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Part 1: Passible Reasons for Why Is My iPad Running Slow

Why is your iPad so slow? There are some possible reasons that may cause a slow iPad:

  • Multiple apps are running on iPad at the same time;
  • Memory is full in your iPad;
  • A lot of junk files might be stored in your system;
  • The apps may be holding high amount of caches and temporary files;

Part 2: Potential Solutions to Speed up Your iPad

Here we offer you 5 tips to fix your slow iPad. Although we can't promise you that your iPad will run like new with the tips below, it will boost your iPad performance to some extent.

Install the Latest iOS on iPad

Updating to the latest operating system is not only to speed up a slow iPad but always a good way to get newest features and tweaks on iPad. Make sure you have the most current version for your iPad. Just go to the General > Settings > Software Update, and download the latest iOS on iPad.

Note: iOS 10 is now available and it only works for iPad mini 2/3/4, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air/Air 2, and iPad Pro. If you are holding an old iPad 2/3, you may failed to update to new iOS 10.

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Remove Unneeded Apps from iPad

This tip is very needed for those 16/32 GB iPad users, just swipe through the pages on your iPad to find out if there are apps you don't actively use or have never used. Removing the unwanted apps from your iPad is not only an effective way to free up space but also a good way to speed up your slow iPad. Just find the app you want to delete, long press on the app icon until a "X" appears, tap on it to delete the app.

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Turn off location services

In Settings > Privacy > Location Services, you can turn all location services off or only the specific one. Remember that using the "kill all" switch will also disable the "Find my iPad" service, so we suggest you not to turn off all location services.

Perform a Factory Resetting

Is your iPad still slow after completing these steps? It's time to put it to factory reset. This will swipe everything from your iPad and give you a blank slate. You'll need to back up your iPad before doing this, and both iTunes and iCloud are good ways to backup your device. Restore your device to factory settings: Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Bonus Tip: Clear Junk Files from iPad

With time and use, there are lots of junk files like will be created by the apps on your iPad. Remember you connect your iPad to iTunes and there is a bar that shows the Others take up more than 1 GB of your iPad? Part of the Others files are junk files like caches, cookies, temp files generated by apps on your iPad, and it is almost impossible to manually delete them. Luckily, with PhoneClean, a professional iOS cleaning tool that helps removing various types of junks from your iPad in few clicks!

Step 1. Download PhoneClean and install it on your computer. Link your iPad to computer via a USB. Choose “Quick Clean” and click "Scan" Button.

How to Fix a Slow iPad – Remove Junk Files with PhoneClean

How to Fix a Slow iPad – Remove Junk Files with PhoneClean

Step 2. After scanning, select the items you want to delete and click "Clean" button.

How to Fix a Slow iPad – Remove Junk Files with PhoneClean

How to Fix a Slow iPad – Remove Junk Files with PhoneClean


This method only works for iPad users running iOS 8.2 and before. If your iPad is running iOS 8.3 and later, PhoneClean may not scan the app cache/cookies/temp files for Apple blocked access of the entire sandbox directory since the release of iOS 8.3.

The Bottom Line

After downloading iOS 10 on your iPad, you may meet some problems like Wi-Fi not working, iPad Siri not responding, or iPad not sending iMessages. It is suggested to check our complete iOS 10 update guide to ensure a smooth upgrade.

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