Why Android Phone Won’t Turn On and How to Fix It

What can you do when your Android phone won’t turn on. This post offers you 4 effective methods to help you out of the dilemma.

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In recent years, Android devices have become one of the most popular smartphones in the smartphone market. Although it has attracted more and more users, many of them have complained that they have been faced with a series of issues when using their Android mobile phones, such as Android slow charging, the device is stuck on the Android manufacturer’s logo, the operating system not running smoothly, short battery life, etc.

How To Fix Android Phone Won’t Turn On

How To Fix Android Phone Won’t Turn On

Why Is My Android Phone Not Turning on?

The reasons behind this issue may differ from the models of Android devices. However, generally speaking, your phone not turning on issue mainly results from the following cases:

  • Access to Sleep Mode
  • Your cell phone runs out of power
  • Screen failure due to external violence
  • Operating system errors due to a recent update
  • Unable to compatible with the software such as a third-party app

How to Fix Android Phone Won’t Turn On

Among the Android issues indicated above, the “Android phone won’t turn on” error has become one of the most frequently mentioned ones. In other words, for most Android users, it is believed that they have encountered a situation that their Android phones not turning on in some cases. Thus, this is a common issue and you can resolve it by yourself via checking the following methods.

Get Out of Sleep Mode

Many brands of cell phones have developed an automatic sleep mode. Once your mobile device turns on the mode, it can fall into the black mode, hard to turn on.

However, it is not difficult to get out of sleep mode. You can press the “power button” for at least 10 seconds to force restart your device. Or you could also press the “volume up” button and “power” button at the same time to reboot your device. Normally, your device will vibrate and reboot to its operating system.

In most cases, this can fix an Android phone won’t turn on issues.

Go and Set Sleep Mode

Go and Set Sleep Mode

You can also take the steps to extend its sleep time or turn off its sleep mode, preventing your Android phone from encountering the same issue:

  1. Go to the “Settings” app
  2. Choose the “Display and Brightness” option
  3. Click the “Sleep” tab to extend sleep time or shut off sleep mode

Check Out the Power of Your Device

Power off can be one of the major reasons why your phone not turning on at all. Thus, you need to check out whether your Android device is running out of power. Connect your device to the charger to figure out its power condition.

Check Out the Power of Your Device

Check Out the Power of Your Device

If your Android is out of power, you should charge your phone for a few minutes and boot it up again.

If you neither charge your Android phone nor turn it on, you may be recommended to pull out its battery to see if there is something wrong with your battery or its connection ports.

To pull out the battery, you can:

  1. Open the back cover of your Android device. You may need some tiny tools such as a screwdriver to achieve this.
  2. Pull out the battery from the device.
  3. Make sure the charging port exists no dust before plugging the charging cable into the charging port
  4. Use another power cable to charge your mobile phone.
  5. Leave it charged for some minutes and try to reboot the device again.

Check out the Screen of Your Device

Secondly, you can check your phone screen. Especially when your Android device suffers from unexpected violence such as falling from the desk, the phone will not turn on as usual. At this time, you can gently tap on the screen or back cover of your phone. If the screen flashes now and then, it indicates that there might be some problems with its lines. This can extremely happen when your phone can vibrate normally but have no images at all.

For this reason, you can:

  1. leave your phone for a while and restart it later
  2. Gently shake up or tap on your phone and restart again
  3. Pay a visit to the after-sales service store to ask a technician for help

Access to Android Recovery Mode

With the development of the mobile industry, the function of mobiles has become more and more complex, which might bring about a large number of problems to Android users. At this time, you can apply the Android recovery mode to fix most issues.

For Android devices, its recovery mode refers to a partition with the recovery console. This partition contains tools to recover and install its official operating system.

Therefore, if the mentioned methods fail to get your Android phone out of trouble, you can check whether you can enter into recovery mode.

Fix Not Turning on Issue Android Via Recovery Mode

Fix Not Turning on Issue Android Via Recovery Mode

One thing you should bear in mind – if you seek to fix your issue via recovery mode, you’d better back up the data and document your device before, or you may take risk of losing your data.

The way of entering into recovery mode slightly differs depending on the models of Android devices. For most Android cell phones, you can access recovery mode:

  1. pressing down the “volume down” button and “power” button at the same time for about 5 seconds. The green Android robot indicated you have successfully entered into the Android recovery mode.

    Access to Android Recovery Mode

    Access to Android Recovery Mode

  2. Once you entered into the recovery mode, you can navigate and click options via volume and power buttons.

    Hard Factory Reset The Device

    Hard Factory Reset The Device

  3. Then choose “wipe cache partition”, “wipe data/factory reset” and “Yes – delete all user data” options to recover to factory settings.

The Bottom Line

Next, when your Android phone like a Samsung device not turning on, don’t feel upset anymore. In this post, we have recommended 4 effective methods to overcome the difficulty. Hopefully, this post can help you out of the problem.

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