How to Get Out When Android Stuck in Recovery Mode

If your Android phone is stuck in recovery mode and you cannot get it out of the mode, here we have some tips on how you can get your phone out of recovery mode. With these tips, your phone will certainly come out of mode and work normally.

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Recovery mode on your Android phone is supposed to help you fix some system issues. Sometimes, though, this mode turns out to be the cause of issues. One of the issues you can face with recovery mode on an Android device is that your device gets stuck in this mode.

No matter what you do, your phone will not come out of recovery mode. If this happens to you, there are a few things you can do to potentially fix the problem and get your device to come out of recovery. This guide shows the methods to enter recovery as well as exit recovery on Android-based devices.

What is the Android Recovery Mode?

Many Android users are not aware that their phone has a mode to help them troubleshoot various issues. Recovery Mode is a special mode on Android that you can reboot into and perform various tasks. The recovery mode loads separately from your operating system, which means you can reboot into recovery even when your phone does not reboot normally.

What Android Recovery Mode Is

What Android Recovery Mode Is

In the recovery mode, you can flash files on your device, wipe the data of your phone, delete your cache files, and perform various other tasks. There are even custom versions of recovery modes like TWRP and CWM that let you do more than the stock recovery.

A normal user will not have to reboot into Android recovery unless they want to fix a major issue or tweak their system.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode on an Android Phone

The standard way to reboot an Android phone into recovery mode is to use a key combination. Each phone manufacturer has its own key combination that helps you get into recovery on your device.

Here are the key combinations to get into recovery for some of the popular Android phone manufacturers.

Method 1. How to Enter the Recovery Mode on Samsung Phones

If you own a Samsung phone, you have countless possibilities to customize your phone from the recovery mode. You can use the mode to flash custom ZIP files such as custom recoveries, custom ROMs, and even custom kernels. If you prefer to customize your phone from your computer, you can use a tool like Odin to flash various files on your phone.

Recovery Mode on Samsung Devices

Recovery Mode on Samsung Devices

Entering recovery mode on most Samsung phones is pretty easy. All you need to do is press a few keys together, hold them for a few seconds, and your phone starts to boot into recovery. If you are not sure what those keys are for your phone, the following should help you.

On most Samsung phones, you simply need to press the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time. Do this when your phone is turned off and you will boot directly into recovery.

Method 2. How to Reboot into Recovery Mode on LG Phones

LG phones also have a computer tool to help you flash various items on your device. In case you do not prefer this desktop tool, you can always reboot into your phone’s recovery and flash a custom recovery from there. Once that is done, you can reboot into this custom recovery and then flash custom ROMs and such other items.

Recovery Mode on LG Phones

Recovery Mode on LG Phones

The first thing you need to do is to reboot your phone into recovery mode. To do this, you need to follow a certain procedure as outlined below. Performing this procedure properly will get your phone into recovery mode.

Step 1. While your phone is turned off, press and hold down Volume Down and Power buttons together until the LG logo appears.

Step 2. Let go of the buttons and then hold them again.

Step 3. Press the Power key and you will enter recovery mode.

Method 3. How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Sony Phones

Sony phones use a bit of a different procedure to reboot into recovery mode. The recovery mode options are going to be the same or similar and the difference is just in how you enter the mode on your phone.

Using Recovery Mode on Sony Phones

Using Recovery Mode on Sony Phones

On most Sony Xperia phones, you need to press two keys and your phone enters recovery mode. The following shows how you do this exactly.

Step 1. Turn off your phone.

Step 2. Turn your phone back on and wait for the Sony logo to appear.

Step 3. Press either Volume Down or Volume Up a few times and you will enter recovery mode.

In case that does not work, you can use an ADB command to get into recovery mode on your Sony phone.

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How to Get Android Out of Recovery Mode Normally

If you have entered recovery on your phone for the first time, you will probably spend some good time there to see what recovery can do for you. Once you have finished exploring the recovery options, you might want to come out of the mode.

Get an Android Phone Out of Recovery Mode

Get an Android Phone Out of Recovery Mode

The standard way for how to get out of Android recovery mode is to use an option in the recovery itself. One of the options you will find in recovery is the Reboot system now. You can tap on this option and it will reboot your phone into normal mode. There is nothing else that you need to do.

You can select this reboot system now option by pressing the Volume keys and then using the Power button to confirm the option.

What Can you Do When Phone Stuck in Recovery Mode?

When you tap the Reboot system now, your phone is supposed to come out of recovery. However, if that does not happen, your Android is stuck in recovery mode. There are many reasons why this happens, and luckily you have a few ways to get your phone out of recovery.

Here are some of the ways to exit recovery on Android.

Tip 1. Check the Volume Buttons

If you have noticed, most procedures that teach how to reboot into recovery mode ask you to use the volume buttons. The volume buttons on your phone are what allow you to enter recovery. If you find that your phone is stuck in Android recovery mode, the first thing to do is to check your phone’s volume buttons.

Check and Fix Volume Buttons

Check and Fix Volume Buttons

It might be that your phone’s volume buttons are stuck and are not operating the way they should. It might also be that one of the volume buttons gets pressed when you turn on your phone. This leads your phone to get into recovery mode. Try and fix the buttons and see if that works.

Tip 2. Force Reboot Your Phone

Nearly all Android phones have this feature where you can force your phone to turn off and then turn back on. This force rebooting of your phone can actually help you come out of recovery mode on your device. Depending on the phone model you have, you need to press a combination of certain keys to be able to force reboot your device.

Force Restart the Android Device

Force Restart the Android Device

If you cannot find the exact key combination for your phone, you can use a generic method to force reboot your phone. This method is to press and hold down the Power button on your phone for about twenty seconds. This will force your phone to restart.

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Force rebooting a phone is not recommended as it can have adverse effects on the system of the phone. Also, finding the right key combination to force reboot some phones is difficult.

Tip 3. Wipe Your Phone’s Data

If you cannot get anything else to work, there is an option in the recovery itself that can help you get your phone out of recovery mode. This option is basically the one that wipes off your data and lets you set up your phone as a new device.

Erase the Android Phone in Recovery

Erase the Android Phone in Recovery

To use this option, while you are still in recovery mode, select the wipe data/factory reset option. Confirm your action and all of the data on your phone will be erased. This will exit recovery mode and you will be back to normal mode on your phone.

You should not use this method unless you cannot get any other methods to work. This deletes all your important files and basically everything that you have stored on your phone.

The Bottom Line

If you ever find that your Android phone is stuck in recovery mode, do not panic but follow the methods outlined above. Those methods will help you bring your phone out of recovery so you can use your phone like you normally do.

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