How to Fix iPod Support Service is Not Installed

If your computer fails to recognize your iPod, that is because the iPod support service is not installed on your computer. This guide tells you what this service is and how you can download and install it on your computer.

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When you install iTunes on your computer, the app installs some other components as well. These components provide iTunes with the required data and services. One of these components is iPod support service. If this component does not get installed or if someone removes it from your computer, you will need to do an iPod support service download on your machine.

iPod Support Service is Not Installed

iPod Support Service is Not Installed

If you would like to know what this support service is, how it works, and how you can go about downloading and installing it, the following guide is all that you need. You will learn everything you need about this service.

What is iPod Support Service

In order to recognize various devices that you connect to your computer, iTunes installs something known as an iPod support service. This helps iTunes recognize your iPod and other devices.

This service is not something that you can use directly on your computer. Instead, it runs in the background on your computer. When you plug-in a device to your computer, this utility finds what device it is and sends the required information to the iTunes app.

iTunes then knows what device you have plugged-in and offers relevant options. You can then restore your device, backup your device, sync your content, and perform a number of other actions on your device.

This way, the iPod support service acts as an identifier that identifies the devices that you connect to your machine. All of its processes run in the background and you do not need to manually interact with them.

How to Download and Install iPod Support Service

If your computer lacks the iPod support service, then iTunes will have issues recognizing your devices. In this case, even if you successfully connect your device to your computer, iTunes will not know what you have connected.

One of the ways to get around that issue is to download the Apple Mobile Device Service on your machine. You can do that as follows on your computer.

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to your computer and launch Device Manager.

Step 2. Find your iPhone under Portable Devices, right-click on your iPhone, and choose Update driver.

Update iPod Support Service

Update iPod Support Service

Step 3. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option and then choose the following location for the drivers.

32bit users: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers


64-bit users: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

Specify a Path

Specify a Path

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers on your computer.

When the Device Manager has finished installing the drivers, restart your computer. When your computer boots-up, iTunes should not have any issues recognizing your connected devices.

Fix the Problem with AnyFix – iOS System Recovery

AnyFix – iOS system recovery is a wonderful tool that provides you with a one-click solution about iTunes errors and iOS system problems. Due to the operation steps are very easy, it becomes many non-tech-savvy PC users’ first choice.  As you know when you install iTunes something known as an iPod support service is installed on your computer at the same time. So you can try to fix iTunes with AnyFix to solve this problem. Now you can download the software and follow the tutorial below to fix the iPod support service is not installed.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Open AnyFix on your computer > Choose iTunes Repair.

Click iTunes Repair

Click iTunes Repair

Step 2. Now select the iTunes Connection/Backup/Restore mode > Click on Scan Now to fix the problem.

Choose iTunes Connection/Backup/Restore Errors

Choose iTunes Connection/Backup/Restore Errors

Step 3. Then it will fix the error and when the repairing process complete you can see the interface as below.

iTunes Repair Completed

iTunes Repair Completed

The Bottom Line

If iPod support service is not installed on your computer, your computer and especially iTunes will have issues recognizing your devices. The above guide shows how to fix that issue so you can get your devices to show up on your computer.

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