Top 10 Most Common iPhone iPad Restore Error and Solutions

Have you often been obsessed with various iPhone restore error? Worry not. Here we will list top 10 commonly reported iPhone restore problems and share some correspond solutions to fix the iPhone could not be restored correctly issue without effort.

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Restoring an iPhone is a process that resets your device back to its factory defaults and reinstalls the operating system. It is a great way of transferring data when you switch to a new device, fixing many technical problems, and improving device performance. However, you might often experience issues when you try to restore your iPhone, receive one of these messages:

If your iPhone also encounters such problems during the restore process, read on to get solutions. In the following guide, we will list 10 most common iPhone restore problems and show you potential solutions to deal with them effortlessly.

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 9

iTunes error 9 occurs while restoring iPhone with iTunes or performing firmware update. The factors that can trigger this error would include: firewall blocking access to the Apple servers, security software prevent access to the Apple servers, network settings are corrupted, etc.. To fix iTunes error 9, here are some potential solutions:

If above solutions not work on fixing iTunes error 9, read this guide to get more solutions: How to Fix: iTunes Error 9 with 5 Useful Tips >

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 13

A lot of iPhone users faced this problem and reported to Apple. If you have an old iTunes version, a damaged firmware, you may get this error. Here are some tips that will help you to get rid of iTunes error 13.

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 21

During the restore process, if you encounter iPhone Error 21, it means that your iTunes is trying to download the restore custom IPSW, but being blocked from authentication. To fix this error, here are some simple methods:

iTunes Error 21

iTunes Error 21

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 37

Have you ever encountered iTunes error 37 when you are trying to restore from a backup to your iPhone? If you are in this situation, we will tell you how you can fix this error in some simple methods.

For the details of each method, please follow this guide: How to Fix iTunes Error 37 >

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 56

Many of iOS users have complained that they often see iTunes error 56 while trying to restore their iPhone or iPad. When this error appears, your iPhone might get stuck on the screen with an iTunes logo and it does not respond to any of your gestures on the iPhone screen. And here are some quick tips for easily fixing the iTunes error 56.

iTunes Error 56

iTunes Error 56

If above three methods fail to help you fix the error, finding more solutions here: How to Fix iTunes Error 56 with 6 Solutions >

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 1015

This error is a type of problems and mostly found on the iPhone users. This error occurs with a message tells you that “the required resource can’t be found”. In this case, your iPhone might have unauthorized iOS modifications, or you might be trying to downgrade to an earlier iOS version. And here we’re showing you ways by which you can fix error 1015.

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 4005

Most of iPhone iPad users complained that iTunes error 4005 happens from time to time when they are trying to restore or update device with iTunes. This error occurs due to technological construction. And here are some solutions that have been proved useful by many iPhone users.

For more useful solutions, you can check this guide: 8 Ways to Fix: iTunes Error 4005 >

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 4013

This error usually happens when iPhone users try to restore device or update to the latest iOS version. If you are also one of the users who are frustrated with error 4013, check below solutions to get rid of this problem permanently from you.

iTunes Error 4013

iTunes Error 4013

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 0xE8000015

One of the most annoying iPhone restore errors is error 0xE8000015. Every time when this error comes up, you cannot restore or boot up your device. Now, let’s check the methods to fix the error without hassle.

If above solutions did not work, you can visit this guide to find more solutions: How to Fix: iTunes Error 0xE8000015 with 5 Methods >

iPhone Restore Error – iTunes Error 0xE8000065

When you get error 0xE8000065 on your iPhone, it does not mean something is wrong with your device. It occurs when you try to restore or sync your iPhone with iTunes on Windows. So, this error is a Windows error. To fix this error, just Check out the following solutions.

iTunes Error 0xE8000065

iTunes Error 0xE8000065

To get more solutions on solving the iTunes Error 0xE8000065: Fix iTunes Error 0xE8000065 via 7 Methods >

The Bottom Line

In the guide above, we have listed almost all common iPhone restore errors. And the fixes offered in each error have been proved to be useful for plenty of iPhone users. If you also encountered the iPhone could not be restored problem due to one of above errors, try the possible solutions. Lastly, if this guide does solve your problem, share it to help more iPhone users who have the same trouble with you.


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